Repair efforts in Tyrellian Sector lead to amazing archaeological discovery

Repair efforts in Tyrellian Sector lead to amazing archaeological discovery

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — The unexpected find of a previously unknown civilisation on the moon Ereina puts a temporary stop on the rebuild of the asteroid’s domes.

Once the rogue planet that plagued the Tyrellian System had disappeared, the inhabitants of the Tyrellian moons and Iana Station commenced search and rescue missions, followed by rebuilding the areas in regions that took a heavy beating.

Several Starfleet vessels in the neighbourhood offered their assistance, including the flagship under the command of Vice Admiral Reynolds, the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293).

The Tyrellians accepted all the help they could get, including the plentiful teams that the Gorkon Command dispatched to Palanon and Ereina. This ranged from medical help to engineering teams or making First Emergency kits for those who had lost all their possessions. Even newly arrived crewmembers quickly set to work together with the more seasoned officers.

A team of engineers quickly took it upon themselves to fix and rebuild the devastated domes on the colonised moon, Ereina. The barren moon housed several bio-domes that safeguarded the fauna and flora that originally flourished on the now desolate homeworld Tyrellia.

Much to their surprise, the clean-up of one of the ravaged Veonath domes revealed evidence of a pre-warp civilisation on the moon. As a result, a team under the command of Lieutenant Commander Kero Rix went to investigate the unearthed ruins.

“Maybe it is all connected,” said Professor Tory His. “What if the species encountered on the Rogue Planet, are the same ones who originally build this civilization? That would be quite the marvel, wouldn’t it?”

In the meantime, Lieutenant Commander Caedan Nkai secretly issued preparations for a huge festive get-together as the crew of the Gorkon will celebrate the change from 2399 to 2400 away from the ship, enjoying the natural life in Cyrithra Forest on Palanon.

“Have you ever tasted his eclairs?” asked Bolian Ensign Beryl. “They are exquisite, and the colour of his azure icing is a perfect match to the colour of my skin,” he continued. “It’s as if he baked them, especially for me.”

Although, will everyone be present during those festivities? The most recent report that the FNS received noted that the Tyrellian archaeologists contacted the Gorkon with the news that something locked their crewmembers behind an ancient door after going underground to inspect some kind of tomb. Every attempt from the ship to contact Rix’s team after their entrapment was futile.

More on this story as it develops.

Written by Samira Neathler

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