Hostage situation intensifies for USS Constitution-B crew

Hostage situation intensifies for USS Constitution-B crew

MARCHLANDS – Upon receiving a distress call from their own officers aboard the freighter SS Thornwater, the crew of the USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012-B, quickly planned a rescue mission. The distress call disrupted the party hosted by Cmdre. Jalana Rajel in The Saloon on board the USS Constitution.

To prevent panic among the hostage-takers, the Constitution crew decided not to approach the Thornwater directly. Instead, they split into three teams, with two teams boarding the Thornwater covertly and one team providing a distraction.

The two teams boarded successfully, possibly without immediate detection, while the third team’s distraction had limited efficacy.

“I myself was on my way to meet with Mister Kincaid, the proprietor of The Saloon, to ensure he had received all of the ingredients and accoutrements he requested for the party,” Chief Petty Officer Byron Trench, the chief requisitions officer onboard the Constitution, reported, “The doors flung open, and everyone funnelled right out like they had somewhere to be. So much for the party, I suppose.”

On board the Thornwater, Lt. JG Imas Heeka (a Cardassian exchange officer), Ens. So’Mior, and Ens. Talia Ohnari were imperilled. Ohnari was injured by a poorly calibrated heavy stun blast, while So’Mior and Heeka were drugged and captured after being pursued by Nausicaans and a Talaxian.

As of the latest report, both teams on the Thornwater are making progress in finding the hostages and their own people, despite facing resistance. Cmdr. Cade Foster has reported that Ohnari has been found and is safe. The pirates moved So’Mior to the Thornwater’s medbay, while Heeka was delivered to the bridge to meet with a Ullian and the apparent leader of the operation. Their motive remains unknown at this time.

FNS will continue to monitor this tense situation.

Written by Azura Ada

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