Gorkon crew honoured for bold First Contact and brave rescues

Gorkon crew honoured for bold First Contact and brave rescues

PALANON — A festive ceremony sees several Starfleet officers receive recognition for their bravery and achievements during a recent mission to a rogue planet, threatening the stability of the system.

The stars were shining bright as the Starfleet crew gathered in the Cyrithra Forest campground for an evening of awards and recognition. As part of their recent mission to the rogue planet, the team made numerous breakthroughs, including the discovery of a new civilization and the saving of countless lives. The ceremony, hosted by Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds and Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler, was filled with applause and cheering as each team member stood honoured for their contributions.

First up were the Purple Heart awards presented to Commander Jo Marshall, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, Lieutenants Tahna Meru and Gnaxac, Ensign Bryce Tagren-Quinn, and Petty Officer Third Class Robert Peek and Reynolds herself. The Gold Lifesaving Ribbon was also awarded to Marshall, Lieutenant Commander Caedan Nkai, Lieutenant Junior Grade Meg Bendyn, and Cadet Ico Ena.

The crowd erupted with another round of applause as Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Loxley, Ensign Vylaa zh’Tisav and Neathler herself for delving into the mysteries of a complex and foreign machine to help the inhabitants of the rogue planet, and Reynolds, Sevo, Meru and Gnaxac who used their ingenuity and quick thinking to return to their own time zone, received the Innovation Ribbon.

The Explorer’s Ribbon was awarded to Neathler, Lieutenant Commanders Alieth, and Orson Marshall; Stoyer and Lieutenant Lena Josett; Loxley, zh’Tisav and Tagren-Quinn for their “mission of discovery,” according to Reynolds. The Defence of Temporal Flow Ribbon was also awarded to the team for their bravery and heroism in safeguarding the Tyrellian System.

As part of the discoveries, the team encountered a new civilization on the rogue world and handled themselves with “delicacy and respect,” according to Reynolds, leading to the First Contact Ribbon being awarded to Neathler, Stoyer, Loxley, zh’Tisav and Tagren-Quinn.

Tahna Meru and Gnaxac, who faced a scarcity of materials and equipment in an unknown time warp, came up with theories to return their team to the present and received the Legion of Merit for their ingenuity.

Another highlight of the operation was the successful recovery of several lost Starfleet and Cardassian Union personnel. The Admiral bestowed the UFP Medal of Freedom on everyone for their courage and heroism in striving to protect every planet in the Tyrellian System and its inhabitants.

Finally, the Admiral announced a promotion: “Since joining the Gorkon, Ensign Vylaa zh’Tisav has shown dedication, ingenuity, and aptitude far beyond what we expect from our ensigns.” And so, the Admiral promoted zh’Tisav to Lieutenant Junior Grade with all the associated duties, rights, and responsibilities. Neathler congratulated Vylaa and the gathered officers led the applause for the newly promoted Andorian.

A flock of twinkling drones wheeled above the officers’ heads, forming a brilliant image of a Sovereign-class starship. Cheers, laughter, and the clink of glasses rang out as friends and family celebrated a new year together.

“I think I can say that most of us consider the Tyrellian System as our second home,” explained Neathler, in her address to the gathered officers. “So it was only natural that when the Rogue Planet invaded our system, we did all we could to attempt to safeguard every single planet in the system and its inhabitants.”

Written by Jo Marshall

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