Distress call from pirates aboard SS Thornwater disrupts Constitution shore leave

Distress call from pirates aboard SS Thornwater disrupts Constitution shore leave

STARBASE 101 – With life returning to normalcy, Commodore Rajel set up a party in The Saloon, only to be interrupted by a distress call from three of their own.

Shore leave on the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, allowed the Constitution Crew to enjoy some R&R before their next mission would arrive. Alas, that shore leave was not as relaxing as one would wish for. The well-deserved post-mission party and Rajel’s beloved ‘shiny ceremony’ in the Constitution’s Saloon were suddenly interrupted by an incoming distress call.

In our last report, a group of officers – consisting of Lieutenant Junior Grade Imas Heeka and Ensigns So’Mior and Talia Ohnari – had taken a trip for a vacation during shore leave. As it turned out, it was not a vacation trip after all. Sources stated they responded to a mysterious message from people claiming to be prisoners of pirates on board the SS Thornwater, a civilian freighter. However, upon docking, they discovered what they suspected: it was a trap, pirates and mercenaries were on board and ready for them. In the ensuing firefight, Ohnari was injured and the shuttle itself was made inaccessible to the team. Heeka sent the distress call, reaching the Constituiton crew briefly after.

The aforementioned party promptly ended when Rajel called for a red alert and immediate departure to retrieve the Officers from the ship called the Thornwater. Most recent developments uncovered the ship carried refugees since their last stop at Delphi Ardu IV. As the Distress call signalled the presence of pirates on the ship, the situation might become more complicated.

“Pirates, we know pirates,” Crewman Rif of Security informed us. “They will do anything to wind. Wouldn’t be surprised if they used the refugees to their advantage. But we’ll be prepared for them. Cowards.”

Of course, that was not all the crew had to deal with. As reported last time, Lieutenant Commander Lazarus Davis had been a victim of a science experiment and is still considered missing in action. But more had been uncovered about the appearance of Lieutenant Commander Azura Ada. Ada claimed to be a different version of Davis, and all evidence supported this claim. A decision on the future of Ada is yet to be made, but eyewitness reports stated she is assisting the bridge with the current rescue efforts.

The missing Ferengi girl, the adoptive sister of Lieutenant Commander T’Seva, was found thanks to the tireless search efforts of T’Seva, Ensign Akaris Venn, and other helpers scouring Starbase 104. The girl was presumed scared but is otherwise safe.

Let’s hope that our officers are in the same state until the Constitution reaches Thornwater.

Written by Azura Ada/Jalana Rajel

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