Crew of USS ‘Oumuamua recovers from temporal displacement

Crew of USS ‘Oumuamua recovers from temporal displacement

ALPHA QUADRANT — Recent reports confirm that a Q-like being temporally displaced the crew of the USS ‘Oumuamua to the 2260s and forced them to prevent a planet from being irradiated.

While details of the incident are scarce, status reports from the USS ‘Oumuamua describe the majority of the crew suddenly appearing on the USS Intrepid, a Constitution-class vessel from the 2260s.

LtCol. Wes Greaves, the First Officer of the ‘Oumuamua, explained, “One moment we were on a Luna Class, the next we were on a Constitution class. All our uniforms changed, and it was like we’d always been there. It was beyond disorienting. Learning to use the technology back then was only one of the challenges we faced.”

Historical records confirm that the USS Intrepid intervened on behalf of a planet named Gelf during the late 2260s. Nearly 30 years ago, officials declassified the crew logs from the incident, but they remained largely unnoticed until now.

With the reports of the incident from the ‘Oumuamua, the 150-year-old logs of the Intrepid gained new attention and confirmed much of the ‘Oumuamua’s reports. A pulsar emitting severe radiation threatened the population of planet Gelf, and Starfleet Command tasked the Intrepid with assisting the planet. Many details of how the ship averted the disaster remain shrouded in mystery and are pending review by Starfleet Temporal Investigations.

This is an ongoing story, and we will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Written by Wes Greaves

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