Crew of USS ‘Oumuamua decompresses following temporal event

Crew of USS ‘Oumuamua decompresses following temporal event

EARTH, SECTOR 001 — After an unplanned journey to the mid-23rd century, Commodore V’Airu’s crew is enjoying shore leave on Earth while the Luna-class explorer reports to Probert Station for repairs.

Reports indicate that while some of the vessel’s bridge crew are visiting an ancient castle in the Scottish Highlands and enjoying the local hospitality, others have visited Starfleet Academy with the intention of investigating “ghostly sightings.” Speaking to FNN, Academy Parapsychology professor Cmdr. Sotack dismissed these claims, stating, “The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that ‘ghosts’ are a scientific impossibility.” Meanwhile, Starfleet Command confirmed that the ‘Oumuamua’s Mission Specialist, LtCmdr. Etan Iljor, is taking the Bridge Officer’s Exam at headquarters.

However, the recent temporal displacement of the crew has left many unanswered questions. The senior staff of the ‘Oumuamua continues to be interviewed by the Department of Temporal Investigations to assess the impact on the timeline. “DTI remains committed to ensuring the integrity of the timeline,” said Adranii sh’Forashh, a spokesperson for the Federation agency. “We are conducting a thorough investigation into the recent incident involving the ‘Oumuamua’s crew, and we will share our findings soon.”

Finally, the Starfleet Marine Corps’ Office of Personnel has confirmed that LtCol. Wes Greaves, the ‘Oumuamua’s First Officer, will step down from his position. He will assume command of a combat battalion based on Earth, primarily responsible for defending the Federation’s core worlds. In response to the reassignment, Cmdre. V’Airu praised her former XO, stating, “I have been impressed by Colonel Greaves since he served as my interim First Officer for the shakedown of the USS Nashira, and I could not have asked for a better permanent First Officer aboard the ‘Oumuamua. His dedication, professionalism, and kindness will be missed, and I am certain his new colleagues will appreciate those same qualities. On ‘Oumuamua, he will be deeply and sorely missed.” Starfleet has not yet announced who will replace Greaves in the role.

Written by Chalan Fuliar

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