Chief of Science missing after science experiment on the Constitution gone wrong

Chief of Science missing after science experiment on the Constitution gone wrong

MARCHLANDS, STARBASE 104 – An eventful shore leave left little time for the crew to catch their breath, and the fateful crash of burn in Science was only one of the reasons.

Shore leave is typically associated with relaxation and yet the crew of the USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012-B, found themselves mysteriously occupied during a time of rest.

Commodore Jalana Rajel had been rushing through the whole ship to deal with issues that originate in the Science department. Following a dark matter detector apparatus failure, the Second Officer and Chief of Science Lieutenant Commander Lazarus Davis had gone missing. Davis, and approximately a two-meter bubble around him, were apparently swapped with another quantum reality that was nearly identical in every way to our own.

A different person, claiming to be Lieutenant Commander Azura Ada, was in his place when the fog of the coolant apparatus cleared. She was reportedly just as confused as anyone else. Rajel was in the process of positively identifying this person, who claimed to have essentially the same lived experiences as Davis and determined the next steps to retrieve their own Officer Davis and send Ada back to her own reality. Ada was confined to guest quarters after the intruder alert was cleared.

But Davis is not the only one lost. Just when the time came to move onto the Constitution Atan Evria, mother to Chief of the Tactical department Atan T’Seva, took her eyes off her adoptive daughter Lera and in the next moment she was gone. Starbase 104, the home base of the Constitution, is an Immense Class Station, and the search had begun. Any sightings of a lone 12-year-old Ferengi girl on the station should be reported to Atan T’Seva.

But not everyone is lost on the Galaxy Class Ship. Meanwhile, Captain Thomas Prendar of the SFI had boarded the Constitution. Former visits that included attempts to remove Rajel from the centre seat have stained the relationship between these two. But his current visit had different reasons. The latest addition to the onboard Cadet Training process Cadet Shedet is going to be questioned about her former ties with the Orion Syndicate. While the Captain is on board for his last assignment before retirement, he is also involved in the aforementioned Azura Ada’s investigation.

And among all these stories, still we find groups of officers that seem to enjoy their shore leave to take trips together. Such as Lieutenant Junior Grade Imas Heeka, Ensign Evelyn Venn and Ensign So’Mior borrowed a Starfleet shuttle to leave to a for us unknown location. While according to eyewitnesses their expressions were grim, we hope that this joined vacation trip will ease the wrinkles of stress.

“I just really, truly, actually thought that this time we’d get to relax on shore leave,” said Lieutenant Junior Grade Ollo. “I mean, wow. I’m just down in Engineering, far, far away from the action in the Science department. I wish I was back there–I–I–I mean, I love my work! Don’t get me wrong! Uh, excuse me, I need to go recalibrate some EPS junctions.”

Ollo made a hasty retreat from our reporter, and in doing so, he dropped his toolkit on his foot and howled in pain.

“I’m fine, really. Thank you, thank you. Uh, you’re not going to print this part, are you? And the bit where I said I wish I was still a scientist?”

It’s not all high-stakes action and intrigue, though. Other members of the crew enjoyed getting to know each other while visiting Starbase 104 and its immense amount of amenities and opportunities to find some relaxation.

FNS reporters will monitor these stories.

Written by Azura Ada

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