An end to artificial happiness and a genuinely happy ending

An end to artificial happiness and a genuinely happy ending

DAAKA COLONY, DAAKA – Thanks to the medical team, the dangerously blissful pheromones are dealt with and the Xindi-Aquatics have a path forward.

Praise is being heaped upon the renowned Dr. Zimmerman and his invention of the Emergency Medical Hologram, as yet again an EMH has saved the day. Mark, as it’s affectionately called by the crew of the USS Constitution-B, not only identified the cause of the mysterious bliss the Constitution crew and Xindi population of Daaka experienced, but was instrumental in developing a counteracting agent along with Cmdr. Cade Foster.

“The first step was to isolate the crew from the source of the pheromone,” according to Dr. Bub Bles, a xenoendocrineologist at Lagrange Point 3 University. “The Xindi-Aquatics are quite different from most land-based Federation member species on a physiological level. But they are still rooted in the same basic organic chemistry so their pheromones produced different reactions in the crew compared to other Xindi present.”

After the crew were isolated from the pheromones, their symptoms dissipated quickly. The information on how and why the pheromones were released was not made public.

“The curious thing,” Dr. Bles continued, “was that the pheromones were potent enough to do all that. It seems something in the waters of Daaka catalyzed or otherwise enhanced the pheromones. Remarkable stuff.”

After the mystery was solved and the Constitution crew were freed from their unusual state of happiness and recklessness and turned back to their normal selves, and Xindi woke up from their mysterious exhaustion, an all-important question remained: what to do about the wedding?

After a discussion between the bride-to-be, Cmdre. Rajel, and Second Officer LtCmdr. Davis, a path forward was decided that would provide maximum freedom to all parties involved.

Following the resolution, the crew of the USS Constitution returned to Starbase 104 for some much-needed rest and relaxation on shore leave.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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