USS Constitution plays a vital role in Aquatic Xindi wedding

USS Constitution plays a vital role in Aquatic Xindi wedding

STARBASE 104 – The crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) is invited to their first underwater mission as part of an aquatic state wedding. Commodore Jalana Rajel gave a long number of medals for the crew before they embarked on their next mission.

However, Starfleet Medical expects they will all recover fully in due time.

Starfleet Intelligence has run simulations to “There’s a strong correlation between missions that save the life of a commanding officer and the number of awards handed out,” said Dr. Killjoy of the Statistical Analysis Department in Federation Headquarters. “Generally speaking, when an officer saves or helps save their commanding officer’s life, they are 47% more likely to receive at least 2 more commendations than the median Starfleet Officer during their career.”

Reporters pressed Dr. Killjoy for further information, but he said he needed to talk to a class of schoolchildren about the lifespans of several popular pets. FNS is honoured to pay tribute to the crew of the Constitution. A comprehensive list of awards presented may be seen in the monthly awards reports.

Aside from the prizes, there were also personnel changes. Following First Officer Commander Saveron’s temporary absence, Rajel stated that Lieutenant Commander Edward Spears will serve as First Officer, with Lieutenant Commander Cade Foster taking over as Chief Medical Officer. Lieutenant Lazarus Davis was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and will serve as Second Officer while continuing to serve as Chief Science Officer.

Later, Rajel disclosed the Constitution’s new assignments, which, according to the Commanding Officer, are a first for the Galaxy Class ship. The ship will ferry Xindi-Aquatic officials to a wedding.

The Constitution will accompany the son of the colony’s leader on Hobiru to his marriage to the daughter of the colony’s leader on Dakka. A wedding of diplomatic significance, but also of love, that will enhance ties between both colonies.

Both parties have invited the Starfleet crew to the ceremony and celebrations, which will, of course, take place deep in Dakka’s ocean.

At the time of publishing, we learned that the various departments, including Engineering, Science, Tactical, and Operations, are hard at work planning how to adapt equipment and shuttles to suit the mission restrictions.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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