Unsettling revelation in explosion investigation onboard the Gorkon

Unsettling revelation in explosion investigation onboard the Gorkon

TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — The USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) undergoes repairs at Iana Station, while the crew takes time off to visit the Palanon moon or explores the multitude of shops and establishments.

Following the disconcerting disclosures from Lt. JG Vorin, the inquiry into the explosion which destroyed a large portion of deck eight during their last operation took a completely new turn. Lt. Valesha Sienelis, the Vulcan biologist’s superior officer, stands accused of instigating the disastrous incident.

While devastating, the news has shocked the Assistant Chief of Science and her partner, Petty Officer First Class Christopher Sienelis, who have recently welcomed the arrival of a newborn daughter.

The FNS also learned of the return of the ship’s First Officer Jo Marshall, but its queries into where the Commander was during the last mission went unanswered.

“Give it some time,” Draim, a Ferengi Petty Officer wearing a deerstalker cap and clutching a magnifying glass, stated. “I’ll find out where she’s been, eventually. Is there some latinum to be had in exchange for the information?”

Meanwhile, the members of the crew spent their leisure time in Palanon’s Mindirra Mountain Range, swimming, fishing, camping, and seeking cover from an unexpected storm.

Some of the crew were still dealing with the nightmare events that had occurred before the ship’s arrival at Iana Station, which had resulted in an overcrowded schedule for Counsellor Lt. Corliss Fortune. Others concentrated on updating their scientific or security certifications.

Written by Samira Neathler

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