Triumphant and Sasu Gol found adrift in space, Gorkon investigates

Triumphant and Sasu Gol found adrift in space, Gorkon investigates

TYRELLIAN SPACE — Tracking the escape pod containing sole survivor Mort Halat through the reported Subspace Rift has left the USS Gorkon facing two ships adrift and seemingly derelict.

The Federation News Service received confirmation from communication buoys located outside of the widening Subspace Rift several hours ago that the USS Gorkon had entered the Rift to seek the reported missing spacecraft of the USS Triumphant and the Merchant Naval vessel Sasu Gol.

According to preliminary reports, both vessels are incommunicable, not responding to the runabout that discovered them, the Yellowstone-class USS Kahnrah, or the Gorkon.

Despite the Rift, debris fields, and dispersed wreckage of the USS Cape Breton, corroborated by hull signatures and abandoned escape pods, Gorkon crews had found their way to the allegedly defunct ships.

Search and rescue teams were dispatched aboard the Triumphant, led by VAdml. Quinn Reynolds and LtCmdr. Samira Neathler, to look for survivors and restart the engines. The crew believe that the warp core is still alive and can be powered, and that there are still crew on board as escape pods are still attached to the Triumphant.

One team, led by Lt. Alieth, are aboard the Vulcan-built Apollo-class Sasu Gol merchant vessel to search for survivors. According to early assessments, the starship has been drifting in the Rift for four days, with no evident life support. More information from the team hopefully to come.

Despite the necessity to guarantee that the drifting boats are powered and their crews are recovered, the Gorkon has run into its own issues. The Sovereign-class engines had come under tremendous strain while traversing the Rift, and power has continued to leech from the vessel. This has been intensifying the power loss the further they proceeded. The team, led by LtCmdr. Jona ch’Ranni, has undertaken what repairs they can.

“When executing an approaching vector manoeuvre, one can generally observe when the ship is switched on and in orbit or maintain operations,” Ens. Natália Novak stated. “The Triumphant and the Gol, on the other hand, were notably underpowered. Our… companions are on the Triumphant. We’re curious to know where they are. Please forgive my interruption, I must return to my post.”

The Gorkon’s most recent communication indicates that they have experienced a Blip – an unknown phenomenon that induces all crew members to have an out of body experience. This is engendered by a superposition of subspace over normal space, which is characterised by a somewhat indiscernible flickering of photons and a jump in their tachyon statistics in the warp coils. Per the life sign count, there are 34 fewer crew members on board than when the ship first entered the Rift.

A search is now underway.


Written by Jo Marshall

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