Starfleet dispatch Excalibur to research Demes II expedited scientific growth

Starfleet dispatch Excalibur to research Demes II expedited scientific growth

DEMES II – The expedition, which will last around three months, will look into a sudden and exponential increase in Demes’ technical prowess and assess whether it is the product of an outside influence.

The senior staff will disguise themselves as Demesians to analyse the situation.

Demes II was formerly classed as Class C on the Planetary Development Scale, but in recent months, certain portions of the planet have advanced to class D-, if not D. Starfleet considers such rapid evolution is beyond the Demesians’ inherent abilities.

Dr. Carol Boeschg, the Demes II operation’s Chief Anthropologist, has been investigating the progress and will accompany one of the away teams.

“Hard climatic circumstances should have resulted in cultural retreat,” Boeschg remarked. “However, the FAC has witnessed the inverse happening. Some sections of the world have experienced a century’s worth of technical progress in a matter of months. It’s concerning.”

To analyse the situation, the senior staff divided into three groups, each of which investigated one of the world’s major cities. To fit in with the locals, the medical personnel surgically transformed them to resemble Demesians, who are blueish grey in colour.

The crew will have to evaluate the situation without their familiar Federation technologies and will have to acquire employment at local enterprises to support them for the length of their operation whilst keeping their cover.

More on this news as it progresses.

Written by Addison MacKenzie

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