Gorkon responds to distress signal from USS Triumphant in Rift

Gorkon responds to distress signal from USS Triumphant in Rift

TYRELLIAN SPACE — The distress call from the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692) spurred the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) into action, arriving in a subspace rift and at the severe detriment to their ship.

Despite the urgent distress call sent by the Triumphant’s Captain, Walter Brunsig, in the early hours of the morning, little is known about the situation at this juncture. When the Gorkon received the intelligence, Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds took immediate action on it, and set course for the Triumphant’s last known broadcast coordinates.

The consequences on systems were clear as soon as they entered the search radius of the Defiant-class spacecraft. Despite the warnings, the Sovereign-class experienced a loss of power throughout the vessel, including an inability to sustain or construct a warp bubble, and drastically restricted sensor range.

They sent out the USS Kahnrah, a Yellowstone-class runabout, to operate as a sensor guide across the subspace bubble, or Rift, while the bridge team worked to figure out what the Rift was and how to get out of it.

However, it did not take long for the Gorkon to locate a Federation-built escape pod drifting in orbit. Tractoring the small craft into the Cargo Bay, the crew discovered an addled Denobulan male on board, wearing a Starfleet uniform of the Operations department. The Ensign could not describe the nature of the emergency that had launched him into space alone.

“He’s simply… out of it,” stated Warrant Officer Shakaar Meressa, Psychiatric Aide to Lieutenant Corliss Fortune, the shipboard counselor. “I doubt he knows what day it is, let alone what happened on board the ship he came from. He’s improving slowly, but it’s taking time and effort by the medical team.”

If the Ensign, Mort Halat, is indeed the Denobulan officer listed on the Defiant-class manifest, it raises severe concerns about the fate of the Triumphant and the souls on board.

More on this story as it progresses.


Written by Jo Marshall

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