Gorkon Hull Party cut short as rogue planet emerges from space

Gorkon Hull Party cut short as rogue planet emerges from space

TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — The crew of the Sovereign class starship, USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) celebrated their latest received promotions and awards when suddenly a blinding light appeared out of nowhere.

In the wake of the event, a planet revealed itself clouded in turquoise and cobalt clouds.

With buzzing combadges, reports came in from all over the ship and the Tyrellian System, ushering the crew back inside the vessel to investigate the appearance of the unknown planet.

“Exquisite timing,” reported Ens. Fam’ish just before he stepped back on the ship. “The buffet table was running empty.”

Little was known when we interviewed the Ferengi officer, as later we received news that the rogue planet was on a collision course with the Palanon moon itself.

The shockwave caused by the apparition of the satellite resulted in several atmospheric disturbances on the system’s moons, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, while Iana Station had to adjust its course to return to its original location in the area.

The planet’s thick atmosphere rendered little information about the unknown asteroid, which prompted VAdml. Quinn Reynolds to dispatch two teams towards the rogue planet to investigate the small data they received.

On board the USS Kerla, one of the Yellowstone-class runabouts, the team under command of LtCmdr. Orson Marshall set out to track down a twenty-five-year-old repeating beacon, originally used during the Dominion War.

While the team led by LtCmdr. Samira Neathler boarded the USS Kahnrah to explore if the ruins detected on the other side of the planet still hold any civilisation or if its inhabitants had abandoned the buildings.

In the meantime, the rest of the senior staff gathered on the Gorkon’s bridge, under the watchful eye of Reynolds, to chase after the origin of the rogue moon. During their findings, they lost contact with both runabouts after the vessels entered the planet’s atmosphere. The last sensor readings from the Kerla revealed the ship had received a direct hit on the starboard side. Which resulted in Reynolds dispatching another shuttle with LtCmdr. Alieth and Lt. Lena Josett to assist on the planetside.

Despite the startling news, investigations continued onboard the Gorkon as the ship, including all the surrounding vessels, continued to experience oddities in the star system.

“An earthquake on a ship. Can you believe that? I hope it didn’t damage the replicators,” mentioned Fam’ish in a more recent interview.

Written by Samira Neathler

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