Gorkon crew celebrates shore leave with Outer Hull party

Gorkon crew celebrates shore leave with Outer Hull party

TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — Concluding their previous mission at the mercy of a space rift and species known as the Taniwha, the Gorkon crew has taken up orbit of Palanon for a shore leave celebration.

Music was not the only welcome addition to the party atmosphere on board the Gorkon. Engineering wowed the crew of the Sovereign-class vessel once more with their technical gift, adapting the shield technology and hull polarisation to allow for an Outer Hull party to take place in full view of Palanon.

Protected from the radiation of Tyrellian System’s binary stars by the shield system, all in attendance could marvel at the stars on display above their heads, or the rotating marble moon of Palanon within arm’s reach.

All welcomed a reprieve from their search and rescue operation, to find the missing vessel of the Sasu Gol and USS Triumphant trapped within a nearby space rift. Captain Walter Brunsig of the Triumphant accompanied his wife and partner, Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds, in congratulating the crews for a successful recovery of both the Triumphant crew and the vessel.

Sadly, the Sasu Gol is reported as lost. Starfleet has communicated their findings to the kin of the merchant vessel crew, in the hopes some comfort may be found within the report. Starfleet networks continue their long-range scan search for any of the launched lifeboats.

“Starfleet has dedicated communication links and subnet outposts designed to carry on the search for lifeboats lost in space,” commented Lieutenant Commander Kero Rix, Operations Officer. “If they’re out there to be found, Starfleet will find them and bring them home.”

In time-honoured tradition, the crew of the Gorkon received service ribbons for their dedicated service to Starfleet and the continuing mission of the Sovereign-Class starship. Lieutenant JG Tahna Meru received a promotion to full Lieutenant for her conduct in the Science division, while Lieutenant Alieth received a commendation for her service as Chief of Department, as well as a promotion to Lieutenant Commander with all rights and responsibilities therein.

In a marked change of leadership, Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler has stepped in as the Gorkon’s Executive Officer, taking up the position after a career spent in service as the Chief of Security.

“For all the changes and tribulations the Gorkon has been through in the last few years, Samira has maintained the best Security department I’ve ever seen,” said Commander Jo Marshall, when approached for comment. “I’ve no doubt she’ll do the position justice and be ranked among the greats, and I’m looking forward to working together as her support going forward. You need to try this cake…”

As the party continues in full swing, the FNS wishes the crew of the Gorkon and their new Executive Officer the best for the future.

Written by Jo Marshall

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