Fate of the Gorkon’s senior staff unknown on rogue planet in Tyrellian System

Fate of the Gorkon’s senior staff unknown on rogue planet in Tyrellian System

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — When the rogue planet appeared to be on a collision course with the moon Palanon, the Gorkon staff dispatched two teams to investigate the planet.

One team looked into a twenty-five-year-old distress signal, while another looked for signs of life on the asteroid. The USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) lost touch with both teams as they reached the planet’s atmosphere.

To make matters worse, rumours indicated that a portion of the top crew on board the USS Gorkon, as well as a medical and security team, had gone missing.

It all started with the VAdml-led team. Quinn Reynolds proceeded from the bridge, where they were attempting to discover a means to divert the asteroid away from the catastrophe, to the shuttlebay, where they were investigating the inexplicable return of the shuttle USS Kerla. All hail to the Yellowstone-class runabout, which had delivered one expedition to the renegade asteroid. They all vanished a few minutes after Reynold’s team entered the bay.

“They’ve disappeared into thin air!” PO Cream, a shuttle pilot, was on the scene, transporting supplies from the Gorkon to Palanon and Ereina. “Why couldn’t that renegade planet simply vanish, leaving the system’s people in peace? It would make my life a lot simpler.”

Meanwhile, a crew back on Ereina, the Tyrellian Ark moon, conducted their own rescue attempt, which resulted in the discovery of Cdt. Ico, PO Robert Peek, with his coiffure undamaged but requiring medical attention, and Cmdr. Jo Marshall.

The crew on the moon divided up, with one squad searching for the scientists who went missing after the Rainforest dome flooded, and another sent out to repair the drainage system.

More to follow as this story develops.

Written by Samira Neathler

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