Everyone is having fun on the Constitution-B

Everyone is having fun on the Constitution-B

DAAKA, MARCHLANDS – The day of the most important state wedding among Xindi Aquatics in this generation has arrived.

The crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) partook in the pre-ceremony reception at the residence of the bride Balanomi Amph’ail. Reports reveal it is a “beautiful blending and mingling of peoples and cultures,” which includes a sentient dolphin with a universal translator and a custom diving rig, a sentient EMH, an equally sentient holographic stylist, and two new ensigns that joined the Constitution mid-mission.

The crew are connecting with the Xindi, but also each other. Dr. L’a Fin, a positivity psychologist, spoke to our reporters to give insights.

“Meeting new people, connecting with new cultural practices, and a wedding! These are delightful occasions. And by all accounts, Daaka is a gorgeous place and a marvel of ingenuity and careful stewardship. The crew of the Constitution are on a one-of-a-kind mission, and there’s nothing wrong with finding joy in that.”

Even if said loudly singing ancient Terran songs expresses joy – about the upsides of life under the sea – and questionable marriage proposals among senior officers.

All reports suggest everything down on the surface is going smoothly. Life onboard the ship in orbit, however, appears business as usual. Imas Heeka, a Cardassian exchange officer stationed in Operations, reported.

“My department is functioning at ideal efficiency. It is rare that a mission allows us this much opportunity to do our day-to-day work.”

When asked about her thoughts about staying on board for the mission, Heeka replied, “It is not my concern. I am here and she – they are down there.”

When asked for clarification about who “she” is, Heeka declined.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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