Crew of the Gorkon escapes “nightmare” subspace rift

Crew of the Gorkon escapes “nightmare” subspace rift

TYRELLIAN SPACE — Trying to free the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692), and Vulcan merchant naval vessel, the Sasu Gol, the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) itself also got trapped in a subspace rift.

Upon deploying multiple teams to the two spacecraft, an explosion occurred on deck eight of the Sovereign class starship, further complicating their predicament.

The crews of the three ships unexpectedly vanished into the Rift, with no way of returning to their own reality. Those who remained in normal space experienced horrific hallucinations in which their darkest fears were realised.

With the Triumphant’s power partially restored, the team led by LtCmdr. Samira Neathler and assisted by Cpt. Walter Brunsig opened a door to the Rift by emitting sound waves on a revolving frequency. Lt. Corliss Fortune used her mental skills to reach out to the individuals in the Rift and guide them to safety.

Back aboard the Sasu Gol, the crew, led by Lt. Alieth, came upon two Triumphant crew members, Cmdr. Jal Desoa and Lt. Petra Bjarnadóttir. They worked together to cut the umbilical cord that was tying the Triumphant to the Sasu Gol. They found the artefact responsible for the weird event in the ship’s cargo area, and it didn’t take long for some Vulcan power to destroy it. Using one of the ship’s shuttles, the party returned to the Gorkon, surrendering the Sasu Gol to the Rift.

On the Gorkon, things were dicey for Lt. Valesha Sienelis, who was in labour, and Lt. JG Vorin. They witnessed a transporter beam unable to bring them to safety. This occurred when the integrity field, the sole thing separating them from free space, was failing.

With communications partially restored, the Romulan and Vulcan contacted the squad led by LtCmdr. Kiro Rex, obtained a hold on Sienelis and Vorin by beaming a large amount of debris into space and bringing them to safety.

“It was touch and go for a while there,” explained Crewman Robert Peek, as he flicked his magnificent hair out of his eyes to better see our reporter. “We restored power to the section, but at what cost?”

After all they’ve gone through, the crews of both ships strive to reconcile with their demons while on shore leave in the Tyrellian System.


Written by Samira Neathler

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