Crew of Denali Station investigate a pair of mysteries

Crew of Denali Station investigate a pair of mysteries

DENALI STATION — A mysterious building broadcasts an unknown signal and an unknown ship crashes down in the city, Denali’s crew investigates.

Two mysterious signals began broadcasting from the city around Denali Station while the station’s crew was busy settling into their new base. Cutting their downtime short, crews quickly dispatched to both signals under the commands of Fleet Captain Oddas Aria and Lieutenant Commander Kalia Qinn.

Near the edge of what is slated to become a market district in the future, Oddas and her team encountered a previously unknown species that had recently crash-landed near the perimeter of the district. Splitting her team to better explore the building, the two groups encountered an arachnoform species that they couldn’t communicate with immediately.

In the confusion, Ensign Wilhelmina Leynen was taken hostage but eventually rescued after the universal translator was able to adapt to the new language. Oddas and her team were able to negotiate an end to hostilities, which neither side actually wanted. In exchange for helping the arachnoforms repair their ships and resumed their trip to their colony.

At the same time, Qinn and her team investigated a Spire on the far edge of the city that had previously been inaccessible but had suddenly opened the door. After entering the tower, they were shut in. After an initial mystery, the crew was able to discover the tower’s original purpose, namely to serve as some kind of automated maintenance center for the city. Its systems, however, had degraded from centuries of disuse and lack of maintenance.

Establishing communications with the robotic avatar of the AI that ran the facility, the crew assured the system they would help it repair itself. Seemingly satisfied to have new occupants to communicate with, the tower allowed the team to leave and return to Denali Station.

“We knew there would be surprises in this abandoned city, but a species that look like spiders and a tower that trapped our away team looking for company were not what I was expecting,” Chief Petty Officer Kelor Kine told us. “At least we won’t be bored.”

Written by Kalia Qinn

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