Commodore Jalana Rajel returns safely to the USS Constitution

Commodore Jalana Rajel returns safely to the USS Constitution

STARBASE 104 – The covert crew of the USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B) was worse for wear after infiltrating the Syndicate’s Boss’s stronghold. After establishing the whereabouts of Commodore Jalana Rajel, the senior officers divided into squads, each following Rajel in a smash-and-grab operation.

NB: This article contains OOC knowledge.

“We didn’t have enough time to be more discreet,” Marine Captain T’Aven said. “When we found out that the Commodore was in danger, we moved in.”

Boss, the commander of the Orion Syndicate station ‘The Rock’ chose to execute Rajel as a protest against Starfleet interfering in Syndicate operations, and the planned execution was to be carried out in a series of torture, poisoning, and separation of host and symbiont.

“Listen, I’ve done some heinous things in my life, but torture was never one of them,” Elder, a Kaelon pirate-hunter-turned-Syndicate-pirate, said. “I’m not sure what’s gotten into Boss.”

Lieutenant JG Lystra realised Boss was the same guy who had imprisoned and exploited her before joining Starfleet as part of the Rajel rescue mission. Lystra faced Boss and put an end to his reign of terror while rescuing Rajel.

As a result, Boss died and Lystra lost her hand.

Unfortunately, things are seldom that straightforward.

The termination of Boss’ reign did not mean the end of Syndicate activities inside the asteroid base. Thiraa, the Orion matron, swiftly stepped into the power vacuum and assumed control of “The Rock.”

Aboard the Ra’khoi, an outdated Romulan Bird of Prey loaned to the crew for this operation by Admiral Heraan, the medical officers tried to work through their own anguish while saving Jalana and Rajel’s lives and tending to the injured, of which there were many after storming Boss’ colonnade.

Elder thwarted the escape attempt at first, hoping to grab the glory of murdering the escapees. Reporters attempted to call Elder for more comment, but he was unavailable. Matron’s men pursued and finally fought the Ra’khoi after the failed attempt.

The Ra’khoi was no match for the quartet of different ships, but just when all seemed lost, the USS Sagarmatha (under Heraan’s command) and the newly repaired Constitution (under Lieutenant Lazarus Davis’ command) arrived in a show of force and drove off the Syndicate forces.

The Ra’Khoi’s crew returned safely to the Constitution after the engagement, but the ship itself lost the battle forever. The Sagarmatha and the Constitution both returned to Starbase 104 without incident.

According to medical sources, Rajel’s health is stabilised, and doctors anticipate a full recovery. The same is true for the senior officers who have been hurt. Though their physical wounds may heal, trauma specialist Mouser-L believes the lasting psychological impact could be profound.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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