USS Thor welcomes Amity crew to new Outpost home

USS Thor welcomes Amity crew to new Outpost home

AMITY OUTPOST, DQ — After a month-long journey under quantum slipstream drive, the USS Thor (NCC-82607) offloaded the crew members of Starfleet and the Diplomatic Corps to Amity Outpost.

The historic event signalled the start of the Federation’s first permanent diplomatic mission to the Delta Quadrant. Residents of the outpost welcomed the arrival of the newest Starfleet presence in the sector with a cultural fair.

The USS Thor, requiring extensive maintenance following the arduous journey, disembarked a significant portion of their crew. They will now enjoy shore leave on one of the Federation’s most distant outposts. 

“The voyage was uneventful, and the Quantum Slipstream systems performed admirably with routine service,” observed Acting Chief Engineer Ensign Corelli. “The Thor’s crew had a well-deserved rest, while the engineering staff took advantage of the downtime for more relaxed system maintenance. Amity’s staff will see the station serve its mission well into the future. As the Thor continues on to another adventure, the Engineering crew wishes our colleagues on Amity station the best.”

However, not all the encounters aboard the station were favourable. Rumours of illicit activity abound in regions of the outpost that are presently being built.

“Amity appeared lovely… at first, but I failed to remain watchful and was humiliated.” Ensign Jaxon Fargo, a Tactical Officer aboard the USS Thor, is said to have experienced one of these encounters. “It was only because of Lieutenant Wong that everything turned out well. You might say I was at the Wong place at the Wong moment.”

Amity Outpost and USS Thor security officials declined to comment on the event owing to continuing inquiries into the situation.

At the time of publication, the USS Thor was on a survey mission for Amity Outpost. According to vector calculations, they are on their way to the adjacent Sorach System, an area of space known to the natives as The Graveyard.


Written by Wes Greaves

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