USS Constitution departs to examine peculiar data in the galactic deep south

USS Constitution departs to examine peculiar data in the galactic deep south

SHAHAR NEBULA — Following some unusual energy readings, the USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B) investigates the Shahar Nebula; a volatile region of dust clouds and star formation.
The Shahar Nebula is under constant observation from a distance by the Federation’s best astronomical sensor suites, therefore, when the extensive range sensors picked up some unusual energy readings, the command of the Constitution gave instructions to investigate the strange data.
What the ship’s crew discovered so far could re-shape what we know about star formation.
“You wouldn’t believe it. *I* don’t believe it. But there it is,” said Lieutenant Davis, the ship’s Assistant Chief Science Officer. “Those are stars, orbiting each other at an incredible rate. That’s the source of our energy reading.”
The nebula’s gas clouds make obtaining accurate sensor readings particularly difficult, however, the Constitution is currently serving as a testbed for a new gravimetrically adaptable sensor array. This makes her uniquely placed to receive accurate information on the nebula, and her current mission the perfect testbed for the new array.
Navigation also proved a challenge, given the density of the dust clouds, but the Galaxy-Class vessel is a robust platform for such missions, able to be self-maintaining for months at a time. This is ideal given that the only Federation installation near the Shahar Nebula turned out to be a small dilithium mine. But with their broad range of experience, the crew of the Constitution proved no stranger to relying on their own resources.
The discovery of a new group of rapidly orbiting stars under their belts, the most intriguing secrets of the Shahar Nebula, may be yet to reveal themselves.
Written by Saveron

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