Trial of prisoner and Starfleet officers expedited, Cult of Molor threat remains

Trial of prisoner and Starfleet officers expedited, Cult of Molor threat remains

QO’NOS — Janul of Kravzo’ch, Lieutenant Sheila Bailey, and Lieutenant Commander Arturo Maxwell forcefully taken into custody and extradited to Qo’nos. The trial is scheduled to commence the day after their arrival. Commodore Sal Taybrim and the senior staff followed on their heels.

Upon their arrival, Taybrim, Lieutenant Commander Alora DeVeau, and Major Tatash transported down to the surface in order to represent the accused, while Commander Dal remained in charge of the USS Narendra (NCC-26595).

Sources report the Narendra stumbled into a field of subspace mines allegedly programmed to attach to ships, not of Klingon origin. But the Narendra received help from an unlikely source. Captain Kaskis Ril suddenly appeared, offering assistance to the Federation starship.

“It was odd to find mines in orbit of Qo’noS, I have to say,” Ensign Talas Beck giving his perspective on the surprising discovery and subsequent help. “It was nothing the crew of the Narendra could not handle and the Klingons were extremely helpful.”

Anonymous sources report the staff assembled a specialised team to beam down for a secret undercover mission, only to be ambushed by cult followers and injuring Captain Tony Meeks, who subsequently beamed back aboard, while two other members took his place. A few moments later, a battle sounded, and alleged cult members lost their lives, but only allied Klingons emerged from the battle. It is unknown what happened to the away team.

“Oh, Prophets. You know how nauseating it can be sometimes when you sit on a chair and one leg breaks and it threatens to tip over at any moment? It was kind of like that.” Ensign Drevas Matthel, security officer, shared about the experience. “One moment we beam down, the next we’re being shot at and the one after that, Anthony’s on the floor groaning in pain. It’s a scary feeling, you know? One pillar of the team knocked out?”

Those upon the vessel once known as the Yan — renamed to the Serenity — discovered bombs set in the capitol building, where the chamber of the High Council is located. It is unknown what will trigger those explosives, or what the outcome will be.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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