Storm hampers communication with Darime IV colony and USS Gorkon amid pandemic

Storm hampers communication with Darime IV colony and USS Gorkon amid pandemic

DELUVIA IV — Starfleet crew from USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) have transported to the Darime IV colony to render aid during an unknown pandemic. A freak storm has rendered assistance from the vessel impossible.

The Starfleet crew of the Gorkon began their inquiry into the numerous concerns cited by the Pelian government as soon as their boots touched down on Darime IV. According to reports, the virus seems to be contractable by the Pelian species and has not yet spread to any other species that came into touch with the fatal virus.

One team, led by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, set out to examine the newly discovered remnants of a former society colonizing Darime IV, accompanied by Lieutenant Alieth, the Gorkon’s Chief Science Officer, and Lieutenant Corliss Fortune, the ship’s Counsellor. The discovery of the ruins had only raised further concerns about how the Patient Zero archaeologists working in the area caught the virus, with the Starfleet crew hoping to learn more.

“Unfortunately, a party of Starfleet Cadets has also vanished in the colony,” stated Starfleet Academy Instructor Commander Kalyn Berrett. “As a result, we have requested that the Gorkon conduct an investigation into the disappearance and, hopefully, retrieve the archaeology party.”

Lieutenant Commander Jona ch’Ranni is in command of the Search & Rescue efforts, assisted by Lieutenant (JG) Serren Tan and Ensign Mallora Vossti. The crew hopes to find the missing cadets sooner rather than later.

Close by, in New Sabyk’s capital settlement, Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler and her team, which included Lieutenant Cory Stoyer and Ensign Tahna Meru, had been investigating the death of a Pelian religious leader Bisul, Chief Sakerark for the colony. While information about the suspected murder is scarce, Agent Lynas, a Pelian security agent, was on hand to assist the team in their preliminary inquiry.

“Found deceased this morning,” Lynas explained to the crew. “This really is most irregular. Our people are peaceful. All of this is quite unthinkable.”

Lieutenant Commander Jo Marshall and her team of Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, Lieutenant Piravao sh’Qynallahr, and Lieutenant (JG) Loxley were on their way to the temporary field hospital. Without a large medical facility on the planet, the Pelians quickly ran out of space to deal with the influx of people infected with the sickness or to keep them properly segregated. Romulans from a neighbouring settlement near New Sabyk have offered help in any way they can, including extra medical treatment, their own medical personnel, supplies, and a construction team to assist with the assembly of the field hospital prefabrication structures.

Regrettably, a rare storm has now hit the colony, severing the link between New Sabyk and N’amiu’s Garden, the wild and fertile valley treasured as sacred territory. Attempts to contact the ground crew have been unsuccessful since the storm hit, and the Gorkon has kept what little information it has classified.

More on this story as it progresses.


Written by Jo Marshall

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