Starship crew grounded by mysterious force on planet with perpetual night

Starship crew grounded by mysterious force on planet with perpetual night

CHI CETI SYSTEM, ALPHA ISLES – The crew of the USS Arrow was forced to abandon ship following a freak solar event.

The crew of the USS Arrow (NCC -69829) discovered a small jungle planet with a unique rotating axis that means much of the globe remains in permanent darkness for three weeks at a time after arriving in the lonely Chi Ceti System in the Alpha Isles.

As the ship began a stellar scan, strange and alarming power outages started to arise across all systems. The power outage was caused by solar waves ejecting hazardous volumes of volatile particles. Because of the instability of the particles, attempting to warp out of the system would result in the Arrow’s instant annihilation.

Captain Randal Shayne reluctantly authorised the ship’s departure and directed the crew to seek sanctuary on the planet. They will return after the ship’s systems have been thoroughly cleaned.

Chief Medical Officer LtCmdr. R’Ariel’s pheromone abilities became warped and reverted her Caitian physiology to primal levels, forcing Captain Shayne, Chief Security Officer LtCmdr. Artinus Serinus, and Chief Science Officer LtCmdr. Quentin Collins to track her down in the Jefferies Tubes in a (literal) cat and mouse game.

Meanwhile, First Officer LtCmdr. Maz Rodan, Helm Officer Lt. Chloe Waters, Ops Officer Lt.JG Maria Alvarez, and Medical Officer Ens. Ar’Gorvalei attempted to remotely remove the particles from the Arrow’s systems aboard a shuttle. Misfortune occurred as the shuttle became entangled in a solar eddy and landed on the planet below.

Ens. Jacin Ayemet’s escape pod crashed away from the rest of the encampment, leading Rodan’s squad to launch a search and rescue operation.

The Arrow’s crew, scattered and low on morale, must work together to salvage their spacecraft and endure the long night on the “Midnight” planet.

Written by Maz Rodan

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