Federation begins permanent presence in the Delta Quadrant

Federation begins permanent presence in the Delta Quadrant

DELTA QUADRANT — A Federation Diplomatic Mission “Amity Outpost” is now established and operational, hailing a return to the Delta Quadrant two decades after Voyager’s arrival home.

The Delta Quadrant now boasts a permanent presence of the United Federation of Planets. “Amity Outpost” is a renovated space station that was formerly commissioned as “Copernicus Station.” It was situated beside a unique renewing benamite crystal field in a solar nebula. It is the quadrant’s first permanent Federation Diplomatic Mission, led by freshly minted Federation Ambassador Niarivi Vataix. She is a noblewoman from the Eleventh House of Betazed.

“Ambassador Vataix looks forward to establishing new relations between the Federation and Delta Quadrant species,” said spokesperson First Secretary Keehani Ukinix. “This presents new possibilities in the peaceful alliance the United Federation of Planets has with many species across all quadrants. It also presents opportunities for scientific exploration for the Federation and its partners.”

The solar nebula, located virtually in the middle of the USS Voyager’s route through the Delta Quadrant, is part of a larger system that stretches for approximately half a light-year in every direction. Beyond diplomatic intentions, the installation is of strategic importance to the Federation. Benamite is a rare crystal essential for quantum slipstream travel in modern space vessels. Amity Outpost establishes mining operations and processing facilities, and is host to several mining organisations.

One of Ambassador Vataix’s first tasks will be to coordinate the Federation’s response to space-borne creatures that have impeded mining activities. A local nomadic species known as the “Hawlat” refers to the animals as “Angels.” They have protested any attempt to relocate the creatures on religious grounds.

Written by Wil Ukinix

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