Dilithium Mine overrun by Orion Syndicate liberated by USS Constitution-B

Dilithium Mine overrun by Orion Syndicate liberated by USS Constitution-B

DEEP SOUTH DILITHIUM MINE — Having defeated two Orion Syndicate ships at significant cost to the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) herself, her crew worked to free the captured mine.

The mine known as the ‘Deep South’ Dilithium Mine had been under-producing for months, and the reason became clear.

Determined to rescue their original away team, now presumably held hostage, the ship’s senior officers together with a large contingent of security personnel accessed the mine’s docking points in shuttles, under the ruse of being refugees from their destroyed ship, whilst both halves of the separated Constitution remained hidden in the Shahar Nebula.

The pirates, eager for fresh slaves, permitted the shuttles to land and, covertly aided by miners, the officers quickly established control of the mine’s docking points. From there they moved systematically through the quarry, overwhelming the pirates with a combination of superior numbers and anaesthezine gas.

Starfleet personnel did not come through the combat entirely unscathed, with several wounded and one lost to a full-strength disruptor blast.

“I can’t imagine what that must feel like,” said Lieutenant Lystra, one of the ship’s Tactical Officers.

Having liberated the mine and rescued their team, officers utilised the mine’s communications relay satellite to call for aid for the mine, and tow services for their own ship, which had lost a warp nacelle during combat. The Constitution’s next destination would be Starbase 104 for repairs, and a well-earned shore leave for the crew.


Written by Saveron

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