Crew of the Gorkon head to shore leave following a harrowing Betazoid induced coma

Crew of the Gorkon head to shore leave following a harrowing Betazoid induced coma

DELUVIA IV — The crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) rushed to discover an explanation after waking up from a telepathy-induced slumber.

A new transfer, Doctor (Ens.) Mallora Vossti, set the basis for the diagnosis of a parasite that afflicted Doctor (LtCmdr.) Genkos Adea.

Adea is believed to have carried the parasite aboard on a shuttlecraft. While the spaceship circles Deluvia IV, this has resulted in a harsh scrubbing cycle. As a result, RAdml. Quinn Reynolds granted the crew extended shore leave, with medical and counselling services accessible to everyone. The Gorkon officers have been well cared for by the N’Vea Hospitals, which are named after a great Vulcan physician and philosopher.

The parasite transmitted a comatose, dreamy condition throughout the ship by manipulating Adea’s brainwaves and telepathic talents. Those that were not affected, like LtCmdr. Caedan Nkai and Lt. JG Vorin, helped Vossti figure out what was causing the problem and how to fix it.

“I do not believe I have ever seen a situation where the entire ship was subjected to a protracted psionic onslaught from a single source,” Vorin said in his report. “However, the safety of the crew was assured by the combined capabilities we have in the medical and science departments.”

The crew has been relaxing into the calm and tranquillity of Deluvia IV’s tropical hotspot, taking a well-deserved mental vacation from the stresses of space travel. Many people marvelled at the Selkie world’s beauties and natural marvels. The area, which is often likened to Risa in terms of blissful tranquillity but is far less commercial, holds the bi-annual science conference New Horizons. They invited scientists and technology enthusiasts from all Federation species to attend.

Hiking took place on the famous Woncaccia Peak, which is “one of the highest rock walls offering a spectacular perspective of the surrounding glaciers and valleys.” Others, meanwhile, have pursued scientific endeavours that have taken them deep under the planet’s seas. On the officers’ return, the Promenade held culinary festivals. For the discriminating connoisseur, they provide a wealth of fresh fish.

Some of the team began investigating the depths of Iyiria, the underwater Selkie metropolis, which included the fabled Ichiya Market, which was built over an original mosaic brought in one piece from Pacifica. Many merchants from all over the galaxy visit the market, enjoying the international environment and cultural interaction. The museum also draws visitors interested in the Selkie’s history and mythology, with many displays spanning millions of years of history and culture.


Written by Jo Marshall

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