Chaos ensues after violent prison break in Cardassian prison

Chaos ensues after violent prison break in Cardassian prison

UNKNOWN PRISON, DMZ — Survivors of the incarcerated Skarbek, one of various Maquis cells, succeeded in a bold plan to break out from a Cardassian prison. Their fate is currently unknown.

After an elaborately executed plan by a group of individuals, which included several explosions and over half a dozen casualties, reports of riots inside the compound have reached our war correspondence office.

Following several sections of the prison losing power, a major explosion detonated near the western entrance of Sip’Otra territory — an area of the prison ruled by a Cardassian gang, reclaiming the slur applied to their species with their name.

While the Cardassian Union officials report no escapees, the news office has reason to believe a group of prisoners got through the large metal doors leading out of the jail’s main area of imprisonment.

“I saw a Cardassian leading a group of detainees through the maintenance doors while the power and defence mechanism were down,” claimed a Ktarian, known only as Bent Nose, after being released. “A couple of them ransacked my place and stole the only pet I ever had.”

With the toughest clan of the prison dismembered, other syndicates tried to claim the area near the large entry doors as their own. At first, they used The Ring, a battle arena with zero rules, to settle the dispute, but the fights quickly spread all over the prison, leading to even more frustration and anger among the restless convicts. An awareness that the air they are breathing is slowly poisoning them, hasn’t seemed to help to settle things down between the different inmate clans either.

Meanwhile, we have received rumours that the remaining Skarbek crewmen have set up a daring rescue mission for their captured kindred. Whether this will be a successful mission or a futile attempt at chasing ghosts remains unknown. Nobody was available to confirm this information.


Written by Samira Neathler

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