Attacks and explosion in New Sabyk raises many questions amid mystery plague

Attacks and explosion in New Sabyk raises many questions amid mystery plague

DARIME IV — While a mystery ailment has so far only affected the Pelian population on Darime IV, intruders are making it impossible for the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) to give the aid requested by the Pelian authorities.

Reportedly, an unknown opponent ambushed the crew led by LtCmdr. Jo Marshall and obstructed their efforts to create a new clinic. An unknown assailant also set fire to the shuttle that was in the storm’s path in order to bring more people down to the planet to help. Thankfully, no one was on board when the ship caught fire.

“You should have seen it,” said Slamp, a young Pelian who showed no traces of the sickness. “Those flames were three times as tall as I was. Can you imagine?”

According to the most recent information we obtained from Marshall’s team, they were following up on some clues that lead them into a nearby Pelian hospital.

LtCmdr. Samira Neathler’s team investigated the assassination of Chief Sakerark Bisul in New Sabyk. Following their departure from the FedSec offices, the group boarded a public transit vehicle when an explosion occurred, damaging the vehicle and wounding numerous people. Witnesses told our reporter that Neathler’s team was departing the scene.

Other accounts suggest that Agent Lynas’ vehicle, who has been assisting Neathler with the investigation, sustained damage. There has been no evidence of a connection between the two instances.

“Are you kidding me?” Agent Vilchis said as he arrived on the scene. “Of course, the two are connected. This was a peaceful city before Starfleet came. And we can’t even ask them for an explanation since they’ve all gone into the rain. None of this would have happened if they were even a tenth the magnitude of Agent Lynas!”

The remaining teams on the ground have not received confirmation of contact. One party, led by LtCmdr. Jona ch’Ranni, has initiated a search and rescue mission for missing Starfleet Cadets, while the other, led by RAdml. Quinn Reynolds herself has conducted archaeological research.

At the time of publication, neither team’s current location is known.

Written by Samira Neathler

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