USS Veritas Debate Prime Directive As Asteroid Home To Pre-warp Species Deteriorates

USS Veritas Debate Prime Directive As Asteroid Home To Pre-warp Species Deteriorates

WUAGYL SECTOR — The USS Veritas (NCC-95035) crew has encountered a pre-warp civilisation reportedly native to an asteroid while searching for the crew of S.S. Duncan Dunbar.
“The information is a little jumbled at the moment,” reported Crewman Tajaronaha. “We’re also dealing with artificial intelligence that runs the asteroid.”
He referred to an intelligent being named Maker2. Suggested to be the harbinger of the alien race, Maker2 proclaimed itself the protector of the asteroid aliens so they may ‘meet the dead at The Host of the Heavens’.
The ship’s senior staff raised concerns regarding the implementation of the Prime Directive. With the aliens native to the asteroid considered technically pre-warp, despite Maker2’s existence, Veritas may not have permission to render assistance or to even investigate further. Sources indicated Captain Roshanara Rahman’s determination on locating the missing Duncan Dunbar crew and searching for the safe return of her away team, still on the asteroid.
Initially, they believed the asteroid to be on a collision course with Shoals member world Donova IV. Starfleet sources based on the ship showed one of their original intentions, namely an attempt to divert the asteroid’s course. However, the asteroid’s structural integrity failed.
Its impending collapse triggered by the away team members: Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix, Commander Kelrod, and Lieutenant Zhanyt Lafizatar. As of the writing of this report, a native known as Curate Ojojar offered assistance to the team still aboard the asteroid.
They warned the team of health risks regarding the asteroid’s higher fluorine density — the substance responsible for the temporary blindness of Commander Sky Blake. Doctor Emi provided medical treatment to the Veritas’ First Officer.
Written by Sky Blake

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