USS Eagle Held Responsible for Destruction of Federation Colony, Captain Relieved Of Duty

USS Eagle Held Responsible for Destruction of Federation Colony, Captain Relieved Of Duty

AAVARO WILDS — In a stunning incident, the newly established Federation colony on the planet Saldhana has been destroyed under suspicious circumstances. There were few survivors.
“We are working with Starfleet personnel to gain an understanding of what happened here today,” stated Lieutenant Selbek Al’Chirad, spokesman for Admiral Byrn Valcose of Starbase 821. “We will not stop until we find the answer.” 
The colony on Saldhana — recently commissioned to study the unusual atmosphere and ecology on the Class-K world — recognised for violent electrical storms and magnetic instability, which renders matter-antimatter fusion and transporter technology unsafe to use within the confines of the chaotic phenomenon’s effect. The involvement of bio-neural gel packs in the colony’s more antiquated energy production systems required frequent deliveries to replace the spent components. It is this that brought the Federation starship Eagle (NCC-74659) into proximity of the planet. 
Upon the Eagle’s landing, Chief of Security Lieutenant JG Kano Risha escorted the gel packs to the colony. Moments following the delivery, preliminary reports showed a massive power surge swept through the colony’s EPS grid. As the Eagle attempted to gain altitude amidst a deadly incoming storm, the colony detonated with the force of approximately fifty gigatons, shoving the Intrepid-class starship into an uncontrolled course out of the gravitic confines of Saldhana. 
Among the casualties aboard the Eagle was the newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Mika, who suffered a severe concussion and is in a coma. 
As the crew attempted to regain control of the ship and assess the situation, Starbase 821 hailed them. Captain Oddas Aria was promptly relieved of duty. While the Office of the Admiralty did not disclose the rationale for this decision to the public, sources close to the admiral state that suspicions regarding Captain Oddas’ conduct motivated the unusual disciplinary measure. 
The Eagle is returning to Starbase 821 under its own power, where an investigation into the destruction of the colony will begin.
Written by Randal Shayne

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