Triumphant Rescues Crew of Gorkon From Asteroid Trueno

Triumphant Rescues Crew of Gorkon From Asteroid Trueno

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — Reports coming in from the USS Gorkon confirm the condition on Asteroid Trueno, comprising dinosaur attacks, sabotage, and experimental science.
Following the successful rescue and retrieval of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) crew from Asteroid Trueno by the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692), reports have flooded in.
Once communication was reestablished with the BetaGen prehistoric theme park, “Dinosauria”, the Gorkon received a distress call and message from Lieutenant Jona ch’Ranni’s team on the surface of the asteroid. Able to transmit once the ion storm passed over, the message explained in brief detail what had occurred on the surface since the away teams from the Gorkon descended, and the status of his team, while unable to contact the others.
Launched into action, the Triumphant — commanded by Captain Walter Brunsig — attended the situation immediately, and began beaming off the away teams one by one.
Reports from the Triumphant include situation reports compiled by the crew, preliminary psychological statuses, and injury records for those treated in Sickbay.
“Frankly, I’m astonished we’ve not got more wounded from the surface,” exclaimed Lieutenant Nur Montazeri, medical officer for the Triumphant. “How someone punched a Dilophosaurus and still has both arms is a mystery.”
Treatment for officers included Ensign Serren Tan, a newly assigned Trill security officer, for venom poisoning, having received several puncture wounds from a swarm of Belluchelodromeus, Lieutenant Loxley, medical officer of the Gorkon, for injuries sustained during a vehicle accident, and Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, who received multiple injuries when confronted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. All are to receive the Purple Heart service ribbon in recognition for their injuries.
“Despite significant and widespread injuries amongst the various away teams, no Starfleet officer was killed or permanently injured in the incident which makes Trueno a remarkable success given the asteroid adventure,” reported Tan in his official logs. “We saved lives, we didn’t lose our own, and overall the mission was an outstanding success… although the psychological impact of the mission probably can’t be overstated. We will replicate unlimited coffee for the counsellor as a matter of priority.”
Rescued from the Aquatic Zone, ch’Ranni’s team provided their report into the issues faced on the surface, including escaping from the underground of the park when the tanks broke. In commendation for their efforts there, ch’Ranni receives the Gold Lifesaving Ribbon for his actions in protecting his team from a Krigros ancient animal, while Lieutenant Pira sh’Qynallahr receives the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon for rescuing her colleague from the raging waters.
For their actions on the surface, Starfleet Command awards all officers the Good Conduct Ribbon.
Rescued from the surface include some civilian scientists, including Angelica Ryder, palaeobotanist for Stellar Elite, working in tandem with BetaGen prehistoric flora and fauna, Coorg the CEO of BetaGen who declined to comment on the situation of the park until more information is established, and Gander Yow, who escaped the surface before the ion storm hit in full force.
“I am sick of these goddamn dinosaurs on this goddamn asteroid,” the FNS reporter overheard Tan saying. “Well, where to next? I heard there’s an old-West style theme park in this sector where all the staff are androids… what do we think?”
Written by Jo Marshall

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