Terraformation Worries Lead to Gorkon Crew Support

Terraformation Worries Lead to Gorkon Crew Support

GIÁNG SINH — The crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) spent a winter season on a newly colonised world undergoing terraformation.
Following a harrowing escape from the whims of a Q taken a fancy to the Gorkon and crew, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds received a request from Starfleet Command to assist and support a new colonisation effort on Giáng Sinh. Because of severe weather reports and terraformation issues, the planet had undergone an unexpected winter season, leaving scientists and colonisation experts unsupported on the ground.
Upon their arrival, the crew established a small makeshift town centre for the colonists and began their support endeavours. Efforts included the provisioning of a medical centre and the use of the industrial replicators on board the Gorkon. Sources indicate the colony would have struggled without the timely intervention of the Tyrellian Taskforce flagship, and the fledgeling colony has thrived beneath the continued help of Starfleet.
“While we were prepared for some eventualities, a freak winter was not within our purview,” explained Doctor Dovya Dinaslo, the lead astronautical engineer for civilian research and development company Orbital TrailBlazer. “Calculations in vaporizing the polar ice caps using orbital mirror technology were not as effective as initially intended. Several of the halocarbon greenhouse gases produced an inordinate effect and well… this is the consequence. Snow.”
Diffusion is believed to result from the miscalculation, as adsorption or re-condensation into polar ice caps was not an option. As a result, once the material entered the atmosphere, snow formed. Hampered by the first challenge in their colonisation attempts, the civilian scientists remain undeterred and are seeking the plentiful advice of the astrobotanists and astrobiologists for their biospheres (a closed-loop of greenhouses) to begin industrial planting for a large scale population influx.
Opportunities for activities such as snowboarding, skiing and ice-skating are plentiful in the hibernal climate, and for now, the crew of the Gorkon are doing their part to aid and assist the ongoing project, while finding the time to relax and enjoy the wintery scenes of a seasonal time of year for the many humans on board.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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