Festival Of Tolmaen’oali Celebrated On Væron

Festival Of Tolmaen’oali Celebrated On Væron

VÆRON — Gorkon crew takes part in Festival of Tolmaen’oali with the Romulan Republic; a celebration of the first colonists to arrive on the planet, paving the way for relations with the Federation.
In the wake of a tumultuous mission at the mercy of unknown entities onto the colony planet of Væron, the governing body of the colony invited the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) to celebrate their Festival of Tolmaen’oali — an annual celebration dedicated to the first settlers to colonise the planet. Six bonfires are lit on the stretch of Nahdra Beach to act as buoys for the approach of their ancient ships through space.
It is rumoured the festival once included a reenactment of the momentous occasion, as ships would land on the surface of the planet to claim it in the name of the Romulan Star Empire. In the immediate years following the colonisation, they brought the real ships used in the endeavour across the stars back out for the occasion, usually rotated to give the ageing vessels a chance to settle in the unfamiliar environment.
However, once the colony ceded from the Empire, the ritual faded into obscurity, remembered only because of bonfire beacons including to light the way. What vessels remained of the incredible journey were slowly taken apart piece by piece, with the hull plates and names stored in the central Val’Bhaonn Museum. Visitors to the museum can still see these relics of a time gone by and other technologies used, including communication equipment, computers and navigational charts.
“Wouldn’t that be something?” exclaimed Crewman Gottschall, when approached for comment. “Watching those old ships returning to the site where they first landed. You hardly ever see starships land these days, they’re all so big. Quite something.”
In the several hundred years since the founding of the settlement, the population had grown exponentially to around one billion citizens and including Federation settlers. Federation mining colonies in the polar regions of the planet and the southern hemisphere have seen a dramatic increase in recent years, owing to the extensive diplomatic works conducted by the planet government and growing connections. Dual efforts in benamite mining and further collaboration with the Federation colonies will increase as both parties forge new trade agreements.
As the Gorkon crew assembled on the beach for their evening festivities among good local food, a selection of Romulan wines and the addition of their Starfleet stewarding team, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds led the party with an announcement of service ribbons and commendations for the crew’s efforts.
For their efforts in working in difficult circumstances of the mind-altering forces at work, Reynolds awarded Lieutenant Commanders Samira Neathler and Genkos Adea, Lieutenants Piravao sh’Qynallahr and Corliss Fortune, Lieutenant JG Eloise Moran and Ensign Rinev Shryn the Legion of Merit. Similarly, for their efforts in medical innovation and scientific fearlessness, Lieutenant Commanders Jo Marshall and Ayiana Sevo, Lieutenants Junior Grade Loxley and James Colquhoun were awarded the Medical Science and Lifesaving Ribbons, alongside the Silver Star.
In battling with the unknown forces and laboratory beneath the surface, including saving the lives of a Starfleet officer and ensuring the safety of the planet, Lieutenants Arlo Thornton and Jona ch’Ranni, Lieutenants Junior Grade Tali Namura and Ensign Rachel Flores were commended with the Silver Star and the Silver Lifesaving Ribbons.
We extend congratulations toward the crew and hope that they would enjoy their well-deserved shore leave. 
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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