Constitution Crew Resolves Two Legends With Modern Twists

Constitution Crew Resolves Two Legends With Modern Twists

ENDAASI — Starfleet officers from the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) endured unforeseen earthquakes, which resulted in some fascinating discoveries and an on-world visitor.
Trapped in the Tat’si mountains following a rockfall, Commodore Rajel’s team made contact with an injured member of a previously unknown species. The creature appeared to be of amphibious origin, but with the group out of contact of the ship’s computing power, the Universal Translator unsucceeded in deciphering its communication attempts.
Through telepathy, efforts to contact the creature passed, and with the help of their colleagues, they retraced its location and rescued the being. Attempts to establish mutual understanding and assistance continued. Some even believe that this individual might be the source of the local ‘Wild Walker’ legend.
The team stranded in the Helthala caves also had a legendary experience, forced to take a route via an underground river after the cave entrance collapsed, used purportedly for vision quests in antiquity. They also returned to the ship with more than they left, having rescued two elderly Klingons, and contacted a previously unknown subterranean species, which proved at least semi-sentient.
The team exploring an Endaasi township provided valuable assistance during the emergency, by improving the local drone-based communications relay to assist with locating survivors in remote areas.
Meanwhile, the Constitution’s Science Department pulled data from the ship’s sensors, Endaasi seismologist and local legend, to determine the cause of the earthquakes. The planet periodically passed through the electromagnetic beam from a nearby pulsar which interacted with unusual mineral formations in the planet’s crust.
“This information will help us predict these quakes in the far future,” reported Dr Squash-O, a local seismologist.
Written by Saveron

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