Chaos Strikes Museum On Væron; Explosions, and Riots Reported

Chaos Strikes Museum On Væron; Explosions, and Riots Reported

VÆRON — A colony Administrator of the Romulan Republic of Væron appealed for peace and restraint in the city after a street riot and fires broke out in the Val’Bhaonn Markets following an explosion at the renowned historical museum.
Væron Governor S’Ehraellu spoke from his office in the city of Val’Bhaonn to plead for reasonable action and calm during the upheaval. Protests reached a boiling point today as the museum at the epicentre of the social eruption, suffered a dramatic explosion across the front of the historical building, killing several and maiming significantly more. An angry subsection of the community set fires along the lined cobbled streets leading up to where the museum and forum connected, and while fire services deployed to aid in the attacks, an extremist group took advantage of the confusion.
“This is a social revolution,” stated Rechriur, an actor who took to the streets of Val’Bhaonn this morning. “We are saying no more. There needs to be an end. This is where we draw the line.”
Believed to be inside the museum are Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293), along with a crew member, Captain Theo Whittaker. Elsewhere on the planet, several teams have deployed to combat issues related to missing miners in the field, the wildlife issues plaguing the planet’s surface and marine life, and confusing reports of a beacon found beneath the surface.
However, the United Federation of Planets has yet to comment on the growing tensions between the Romulan Republic and the Federation, reaching an all-time high in recent months, following reports of unstable mining operations conducted by contracted company Brave Ventures. Regulations on benamite drilling, extraction and transport, have forced the Federation contracting of third-party companies, who have made up the bulk of the mining effort, which has only increased the grief and anger of the Romulan colonists.
“A disputed section of their mining operation was exposed, due to the instability of where they wanted to dig,” explained Romulan scientist Simema via subspace communications. “We are aware of the substantial amount of benamite within that subsection, however, drilling there has not only caused ructions within the Republic mine, it has also had a detrimental impact on the surface. Earthquakes are reported on record scales, a wealth of health issues have arisen in areas where the benamite drilling has leaked through the surface, and the risk of water contamination is at an all-time high.”
Asked if residents would take matters into their own hands, Simema explained the favourable finding in this arena now would be the expulsion of the Federation from the planet effective immediately to allow the planet to return to normal operations before new problems occur.
“We find new issues every day,” Simema continued, providing many reports to the FNS. “Wildlife has experienced an exponential growth rate of issues, marine life is experiencing similar problems, and reports of missing miners grows every day. These are statistics we did not have before they sank the Federation mine.”
Governor S’Ehraellu and the CEO of Brave Ventures were unavailable for comment.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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