BetaGen Inc. Experience “Dinosauria” Undergoes Starfleet Scientific Assessment

BetaGen Inc. Experience “Dinosauria” Undergoes Starfleet Scientific Assessment

ASTEROID TRUENO, BRATAX SYSTEM — Scientific innovation company BetaGen Incorporated has invited a Starfleet team to provide a safety assessment of their newly opened experience asteroid “Dinosauria”.
In a surprising new venture from BetaGen Inc., a new experience park has opened on a terraformed asteroid in the Bratax System orbiting the uninhabited world of Bratax IV. According to information provided in their press kit, the experience is a joint scientific and entertainment endeavour to discover and regenerate prehistoric life from around the Milky Way Galaxy. Where the science meets the entertainment industry, however, is in the experiences tailored for visitors to tour around, such as cultivated life from BetaGen laboratories on display, and an intriguing look into the natural habitat of many animals given life at the park.
Assigned to assessing the experience for the safety of Federation visitors is the senior crew from the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293), which recently reported to the asteroid surface. With much ground to cover, the crew have separated into four teams covering a section of the park each to certify Federation standards in safety, animal welfare, treatment of the staff, ethics and standards in their scientific pursuits, and technical ability to host the plethora of visitors once the experience opens to the public.
Each of the assigned areas specialises in a habitat and each zone connected to one another by the transport hub system which a monorail design made to allow maximum efficiency in transportation for visitors to the park, for staff to reach areas quickly, and for incredible views of the areas off-limits to pedestrian traffic.
Paddocks for herbivore, omnivore and carnivore animals are available for viewing with varying levels of admittance. They permit visitors to take land-based vehicles from the Park Ranger stations accessible via the transport system. These vehicles have varying degrees of permission – for example, they can roam through the herbivore paddock with freedom, while when traversing through omnivore and carnivore, it restricts the vehicle to automation only for safety protocols. The reformation of the asteroid also permitted for deep cavernous underwater aquatic zones available for access through the marine facilities. These include separate depths for unique creatures, however, there are viewing areas beneath the surface for visitors to watch the animals interact with one another while underwater.
On the other side of the park, they keep smaller dinosaurs in the Enclosure Zone, including an area created as a Petting Zoo for herbivore animals and inquisitive children. BetaGen also extended their invitation for the crew to explore their laboratory setup on the asteroid, including watching regenerating the DNA structure through the incubation and hatching of newly recovered life forms.
“While it has always been a wish of mine to open somewhere like this,” explained Coorg, CEO of Dinosauria and BetaGen Inc., “limitations have always existed. We now find ourselves in a privileged position to not only investigate the DNA of prehistoric life forms with the galaxy but also bring the science and wonder of such life to Federation citizens. We will be happy to permit visitors to the experience once Starfleet has given us the green light.”
Besides providing an assessment of the surface structure, upon arriving at the park, reports of a missing freighter transporting animals bound for the asteroid have pulled the Gorkon, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Caedan Nkai, out of orbit and into the surrounding system for further investigation. Rumours suggest there are early sightings of a gormagander. 
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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