Beacons and Species of Unknown Origin Discovered on Romulan Republic Planet, USS Gorkon In Attendance

Beacons and Species of Unknown Origin Discovered on Romulan Republic Planet, USS Gorkon In Attendance

VÆRON — Routine operations of the USS Gorkon to the Romulan Republic colony of Væron uncovered active beacons within the core of the planet and on the surface and the presence of an unknown species.
A species, believed to be fungal, discovered beneath the surface of the planet by Lieutenant Arlo Thornton, Science Officer from the Gorkon, accompanied by Lieutenant Jona ch’Ranni and Lieutenant JG Tali Namura. The species set up a series of duck blind scientific outposts beneath the surface of the planet where they could observe the various locations of the Romulan Republic. From inside this location, They found Ensign Rachel Flores held captive in a tube reportedly containing a fluid of mutational properties.
“The test tube accommodations were lacking and the rental submersible did not impress with its speed,” advised Flores, when asked how she came to be inside the tube. “However, we got a new pet for our trouble. Two stars. Would not visit again.”
Details of the mutagen are still considered being classified data and under transport to Starfleet Headquarters.
On arrival, the team led by newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler crash-landed onto the surface within the confines of the scientific wildlife reserve. As reported, the team relied on their wits and resolve to combat the harsh terrain and increasing threat to their lives while the issues plaguing the colonial world continued. Neathler and her team, composed of Lieutenant Corliss Fortune and Ensign Rinev Shryn, secured a downed shuttlecraft carrying Lieutenant JG Tulosten — a Klingon Defence Force Exchange Officer — and pilot, Petty Officer Alice Bradley. Bradley is reportedly recovering well from injuries sustained in the line of duty.
“I lost a boot. Twice.” Fortune stated. “And they have no lost and found. And a bird tried to eat us. 3/10. We made a new scientist friend. Now if you excuse me, a hammock is calling my name…”
In the Polar regions of the planet, seismic disruptions recorded by Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea, Chief Medical Officer for the Gorkon, to be of Starfleet design. An unknown beacon discovered beneath the surface of the oceanic region believed to be disturbing local aquatic life with dramatic changes in expected behaviour. Collectively, the team of Adea, Lieutenant Commander Cory Stoyer, Lieutenant Piravao sh’Qynallahr, and Ensign Eloise Moran designed and built the core disruption device to terminate the beacon and the reported energy interference. Once destroyed, the local wildlife reverted to normal behaviours.
For the condition and assault upon the Romulan Republic mine, some structures’ shafts and branches collapsed to ensure the survival of the mining crew. Where possible, Challhnen Kharik ensured both the Starfleet crew, led by Lieutenant Commander Jo Marshall and the Hkaevai Mining Group, were exposed to minimal danger. Lieutenant James Colquhoun directed the defence and successfully repelled the attack from unknown forces on the base camp location. In a testament of scientific prowess, the joint efforts of Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and Lieutenant JG Loxley ensured the survival of infected Hkaevai crew by repurposing transporter technology.
“It is a testament to the fortitude, ingenuity and dedication of both the Republic and Starfleet that we could discover and expel the rogue elements threatening our hard-won alliance,” explained Governor S’Ehraellu in a press conference with the Federation News Service earlier today. “I look forward to continuing to forge a new future for the people of Væron with the support of our friends in the Federation.”
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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