Atlantis Crew Investigates Allegations Of Espionage At Freeworlds Trade Conference

Atlantis Crew Investigates Allegations Of Espionage At Freeworlds Trade Conference

ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE — Power fluctuations and opportunists swarm as the crew of USS Atlantis investigate allegations of a spy at the Freeworlds Trade Conference.
Klaretaen na nneikha ilaihr hhæmn,” read Ensign Thalas th’Koro. “Now I’m no expert but I believe the first word means ‘death’ and the last means ‘empire.”
Those ominous words, read and partially interpreted by th’Koro, were in Romulan and appeared to indicate agents of the Romulan Empire, and discovered the message while investigating allegations of a Valcarian spy at the trade conference. Speculations remain about the potential connection between the Valcarian Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. The team who discovered this message, led by Commander Jarred Thoran, had also noted that Ambassador R’Val of the Romulan Republic was earlier seen speaking to the Valcarian Trade Minister.
Amidst this investigation, many security teams from the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682), including Marine and Security personnel, transported down and augment conference security at the request of Major Stonecypher. Lieutenant Commanders Serala and Raga led the team to organise this effort.
Many attendees also noted that lights flickered off and on several times and one team from Atlantis, led by Lieutenant Esa Kiax and including Lieutenant Valin Dermont, dispatched to investigate this issue. Coordinating with them was Lieutenant David Knight who was with the team in the office of Stonecypher.
In what appeared to be a separate occurrence, another team from Atlantis, led by Ensign Illana Ganarvuss and Marine Captain Kurt Logan began an investigation into the disappearance of the Security Director and they suspected foul play. This team worked closely with Naylar Trade Representative Drezon Brex. Some uncovered evidence supported the claim of foul play including the wide dispersion of thoron particles as discovered by Ensign Yogan Yalu of Atlantis, which according to Ensign Lephi could only have happened through some dispersion device. Ganarvuss confirmed that such particles would distort tricorder readings.
“I have a hypothesis,” explained Doctor Yalu. “I think the Director might have been incapacitated and possibly transported away,” 
Several opportunists took advantage of the situation, including the brutal attack of a Korri man, and most recently, Serala, alone in a corridor near Stonecypher’s office, ambushed by several attackers attempting to pass themselves off as an elite group of assassins. They killed two attackers in the ensuing struggle and the third incapacitated. Additional details on these attacks are not yet available.
We will continue to follow these developing stories from the Freeworlds Trade Conference and bring you more as details become available.
Written by Serala

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