All Charges Against Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel Are Dropped

All Charges Against Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel Are Dropped

STARBASE 104 — The well-reported court-martial of Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel ends in a victory secured by the timely intervene of fresh evidence.
Still isolated in port, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) dealt with difficulties on two fronts. One was the formal court-martial proceedings of their captain, Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel, and the other the communications blackout because of the trial’s proceedings, preventing most external communications to and from the ship.
To counteract these two factors from having a detrimental effect on the crew’s morale, the remaining command staff, Commander Alex Blair and second officer Lieutenant Commander Edward Spears, devised an obstacle course for the crew to take their minds off of things. With the Starbase’s personnel, they would run the race through the station’s Verdant Galaxy Gardens and would challenge the crew through various activities that would play to unique strengths and weaknesses. There was also a nice catered party available for those who chose not to take part hosted by the Constitution’s resident bartender, Elias Kincaid.
Meanwhile, back on the ship, there was various other ‘return to normal’ activities among the crew. From intimate dinners between shipmates to changes in living situation, there were even rumours of the planning of a new coffee shop aboard the ship. All activities to keep the crew busy and not distracted by the thought of the captain’s trial.
Life aboard the Constitution returned to normal.
Back on Starbase 104, Rajel’s trial continued. Pulling in several members of the Constitution’s crew as witnesses, both the prosecution and defence teams put forth a strong battle.
It all came down to the very last witness, none other than the Constitution’s Commander Maxwell Traenor. 
Presenting fresh evidence on behalf of the defence team, Traenor had worked with Ensign Chip Foley to uncover the deeply hidden true orders from Starfleet sending the Constitution on their mission, thus proving Rajel’s innocence. After Treanor’s testimony the prosecutor, Lieutenant Commander Skepus, had only one thing to say. 
“Your Honor, in light of recent evidence, I withdraw my case.” 
Thus ending the court-martial proceedings and freeing Rajel of all charges. 
Written by Alex Blair

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