USS Constitution returns to Starbase 104 for much-needed rest and relaxation

USS Constitution returns to Starbase 104 for much-needed rest and relaxation

MARCHLANDS – Completing their mission involving an unexpected trip back in time, the crew of the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, returned to Starbase 104 for a much-needed period of rest and relaxation.
Following the safe return of the crew from their unexpected adventure to Earth’s past, the crew of the USS Constitution, once again under the command of Captain Jalana Rajel, set course for Starbase 104. It had been a while since the crew was able to enjoy some time off, and after their mission, a little bit of shore leave was a staunch requirement.
In an act of generosity, Rajel permitted the crew to begin their leave as soon as the away team had been cleared by the ship’s medical staff and the Constitution was underway. The crew wasted no time in beginning their shore leave festivities; some were spotted on a trip to the ship’s lounge, indulging in social interaction, or house calls from the Doctor. All seemed to find activities to stay occupied during the short trip at warp speed.
Routine progressed in much the same way once the ship arrived at Starbase 104. Mere minutes after the umbilical connected the ship to the station, the crew disembarked to enjoy all of the amenities that the station had to offer. One such group, consisting of Lieutenant Yito Seja and Lieutenant JG Raven Young headed for the station’s mountain range for a little skiing.
“How do you feel about attaching two thin metal plates to your feet and throwing yourself down a snow-covered hill?” asked Yito, still partaking in the exercise.
Despite the fun on the station, some chose to remain aboard the Constitution. Gossip spread of a group working with Elias Kincaid, the proprietor of the Black Hole Bar, to plan a ship-wide talent show for future time off pursuit. Another such rumor centered around a meeting that had been scheduled with Rajel. It was reported that a Federation trade representative wished to set up an office aboard the ship to ease trade issues within the sector.
Written by Alex Blair

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