USS Constitution crew evacuates remote outpost in the face of immediate danger

USS Constitution crew evacuates remote outpost in the face of immediate danger

GAMMA ORIONIS – The crew of the USS Constitution evacuated a significant research outpost before an approaching life-threatening storm could endanger the away teams.

Completing their dangerous Argo buggy ride through across Gamma Orionis VIb, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) arrived at the research outpost they had been tasked with resupplying. Upon their arrival, the crew found much more damage than they had expected and quickly split into smaller groups to assist however they could.
One group, led by Capt. Jalana Rajel, headed for a large structure in the middle of the outpost that showed signs of extensive damage. Following Rajel’s lead, the group entered the building, which had been partially destroyed due to seismic activity in the area, and began to search for survivors. They quickly came across survivors in need of medical aid. After unloading supplies from their Argos, the group again split as Cmdr. Alex Blair and Lt. Yito Seja ventured further into the structure in hopes of returning power to the building, while Rajel’s team stayed put to render medical assistance.
On the other side of the outpost, another buggy team, led by Lt. JG Jacob Horne, sought to render aid to survivors who were, inexplicably, on the side of a cliff. Upon reaching the summit, Horne led his team in pulling the survivors back to the top of the cliff. Once back safely on the peak, the team decided to head towards the outpost’s main generator station to try and get power flowing throughout the compound again.
Meanwhile, inside the large structure, Rajel and her team continued to assess the situation while the search for survivors continued. Following  word that the outpost’s main defenses, tasked with keeping the wildlife at bay, were failing, and learning that dangerous storms were headed their way, Rajel made the difficult decision to evacuate the outpost. Once Cmdr. Saveron shared the news of the evacuation, all teams coordinated with the ship to get off the surface as quickly as possible.
“It’s a bittersweet moment for me,” said Lt. Rar Th’thelel, one of the outpost’s engineering technicians. “I’ve come to think of this place as home, but it was getting pretty tough to keep everything working.”
Lt JG Xrie Xan’tor’zes and Lieutenant Nalni – a new Barzan officer – transported Lt. JG Lystra from the ground to a shuttle and began rescuing members of the crew, survivors and the other shuttle. Saveron was able to pilot the craft, and flew high enough into the atmosphere for the Constitution’s transporters to lock on and beam everyone safely aboard.
Written by Alex Blair

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