USS Constitution-B Crew Returns From Deep Sleep

USS Constitution-B Crew Returns From Deep Sleep

STARBASE 104 — The entire crew of the USS Constitution-B return to normal after taking action to protect a previously unknown alien species.
After finding most of the ship’s senior staff unresponsive in their quarters, in a state of deep sleep, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) struggled to explain what was happening and to bring their captain and crew back to normal.
While many theories what had happened to the crew were abounding, there were still no concrete facts to explain the situation. Even as some members of the sleeping senior staff started to wake up, no one could explain what was going on. As Commander Saveron, the Constitution’s counselor, awoke he immediately took charge of the situation and split the remaining crew into teams to work the problem.
Lieutenants Lystra and Nalni examined the possibility of re-entering the dream world that trapping the senior officers in hopes of finding answers. Ensign Ravena Carter examined a possible similar situation reported by a Klingon crew in the past. Ensign Lazarus Davis and Lieutenant Rar Th’thelel worked in engineering to find ways to break the quantum entanglement that had formed within the sleeping crew’s minds at the onset of their condition. Which in return proved a success as the solution activated their improvised device as the remaining crew began to wake.
The star system that the crew had identified as the ‘home’ of this unknown species was truly their home and a Starfleet probe had been causing a negative affect on the aliens.
“The probes in that system are already doing serious harm, and we don’t know where the edge of these being’s home Lt Edward Spears, the Constitution’s Chief Medical Officer said as he awoke. “If we take the Constitution in, we could unwittingly destroy their entire home.”
With news that their suspicions were correct and the engineering team’s entanglement machine had worked, the rest of the senior staff awoke. In his last act as acting Captain, Saveron ordered the crew to get some rest while they forwarded all of their findings to Starfleet Command for further investigation.
Written by Alex Blair

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