USS Constitution away teams return safely after unplanned trip to Earth’s distant past

USS Constitution away teams return safely after unplanned trip to Earth’s distant past

MARCHLANDS – After two away teams consisting of most of the senior staff, including the captain, disappeared, the crew of the USS Constitution worked both in the present and the past to help their colleagues their way home.
In orbit of an uninhabited planet, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B), temporarily under the command of Commander Alex Blair, worked to fight through intense interference making all their sensor readings unreliable. Under Blair’s guidance, the remaining senior staff aboard the ship were desperate to find out what was happening on the surface, after two shuttles carrying most of the senior staff, including their commanding officer Captain Jalana Rajel, vanished.
As the crew worked to counteract the interference, they had limited success but were soon confused by picking up signals that matched those that were used as maritime signals on Earth centuries before.
Meanwhile, on the surface of the planet, the two away teams led by Rajel and Lieutenant Yito Seja met up with a pair of Starfleet officers from another time that had been transported there years prior. After confirming for the away teams that they had indeed been transported into the past, both groups decided to work together to find a way home.
Back on the Constitution, the remaining crew continued to work on clearing up the sensors while devising a plan that would allow them to travel to the surface and not be affected by the rift that pulled the others to the past. As they worked, the crew devised a method of using the signals they were picking up to piggyback a signal to the away teams.
After several attempts, they succeeded, but with limited success.
“I don’t know how much of this you’ll hear, but we’ve got a rescue plan in the works,” said Blair as he conversed with Rajel and Seja’s teams for the first time.
On hearing the news from Blair, the teams on the surface met up and began tracking a strange reading that eventually led them to the location of the rift that had brought them there. Once they arrived at the location, the teams found a strange alien ship that was cleverly disguised as a rock. They began investigating the ship, and soon realized that it was somehow related to the rift and whatever it was that had brought them there.
Aboard the Constitution, a third away team was launched, equipped with armbands intended to counteract the forces that pulled the other two into the rift. They safely made their way to the surface and soon found a facility that appeared to be the source of all of their problems. Shortly after their discovery, Ensign Elaina Ren made a telepathic connection with a group of aliens that seemed to be responsible for everything. A plan was soon made to provide the aliens with dilithium which help them reopen the rift.
With efforts in place both on the planet and back on Earth, the dilithium was provided and the rift reopened. As soon as the rift opened, the strange alien ship blasted through it and back into its own time. The power consumed made the rift very unstable making the away teams rush through the rift, getting back to their own time just in before it closed.
Written by Alex Blair

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