USS Atlantis Scrambles to Investigate Disappearance of Deep Space 26

USS Atlantis Scrambles to Investigate Disappearance of Deep Space 26

PAR’THA EXPANSE — Deep Space 26, the only Federation stronghold within the confines of the Par’Tha Expanse, has vanished.
Although the destruction of a StarBase is not a new event within the dangerous area, scientists still have yet to discover what exactly has happened. Several unexplained shockwaves were noted to be coming from around or within the station, and early indications report they could be of alien origin.
However, experts are so far divided on the critical information gathered, as theories range between the theft of the station, the unexplained movement, or destruction by outside forces. So far, data is scarce and sensor evidence has not been forthcoming.
The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682), which is the closest Starfleet ship in the area, has started a full-scale investigation of the event. With Captain Brell and Lieutenant Commander Alexander Williams still not aboard, the duty has fallen to the ship’s chief engineer to determine the causation and remedy.
“It’s a bit of a long story,” explained Lieutenant Valin Dermont, Chief Engineer of the Atlantis. “Between a rescue and a disappearin’ station and the shockwave and now organizin’ a real mess.”
Brell, who was not near Atlantis or the space station at the time of the event, has been recalled from a successful diplomatic meeting on Illara Prime.
Meanwhile, Starfleet has informed the crew that Williams and several officers’ departure earliest last month was not related to a training exercise. Williams and his team have undertaken an undercover mission to successfully save their missing comrade Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga. Details regarding Raga’s welfare have yet to be communicated; however, the mission is reported to be a success.
With the crew complete again, the investigation begins into the mysterious station disappearance.
Written by Alexander Williams

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