USS Atlantis returns to Deep Space 26 after ordeal with the Consortium

USS Atlantis returns to Deep Space 26 after ordeal with the Consortium

PAR’THA EXPANSE — The USS Atlantis has returned to Deep Space 26 after a hostile encounter with a reported rogue Consortium operative.
The Intrepid-class vessel, while heavily damaged, limped home and waits for repairs in drydock. With a lack of sufficient Federation supplies in the area, estimations are that the expected repairs will take several weeks to complete.
LtCmdr. Alexander Williams, who is supervising the repairs as Executive Officer of the Atlantis, fears repairs may take a month or two before the vessel will be able to cast off once more.
“These are hard times for the Atlantis family,” said Williams, amidst restoration direction. “Captain Brell is still recovering from his captivity, the ship is damaged on all fronts, and we are still missing a man in action. The worst is that with the ship in dock, we won’t be able to go after those responsible.”
As the ship is suffering on all fronts, Starfleet has dispatched a new officer to aid the crew. Ens. Stephen Chase has tasked with the difficult duty of providing Counselling for the mental health of the Atlantis hands. With crew morale reported to be at an all-time low, rumours abound that his agenda is already fully booked for the first weeks.
Meanwhile, several officers have taken the downtime to assist in the servicing of the Atlantis or recuperating with necessary rest. Holodecks on the ship and space station are running 24/7 with the demand in power well within the abilities of the station engineers. Among the scenarios, the crew has partaken in simulations ranging from boxing matches to romantic picnics.
With hopes high of recovering LtCmdr. Toryn Raga, Atlantis Mission Specialist, from his capture by the Consortium, the crew endeavours to recover quickly to begin their next mission.
Written by Alexander Williams

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