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USS Atlantis In Race Against Time To Save Paldor Ii And Deep Space 26

PAR’THA EXPANSE – Millions of lives on Paldor II faced danger when Deep Space 26 returned from subspace and began a descent into the planet’s surface.

With Deep Space 26 returning from subspace, it was all hands on deck right away. There was no time for the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) crew to adjust to Cmdr Jarred Thoran’s installation as the ship’s Captain, launching a rescue mission hoping to stop the station from colliding into the surface of Paldor II.

Starfleet and many traders in the Par’Tha Expanse were glad to hear Deep Space 26 was once again in normal space, but the joy only lasted until reports informed them it was dangerously close to Paldor II, leading to great seismic instability. With a crash imminent the damage could be catastrophic.

“I am actually not fully aware of the situation,” Tactical Officer LtCmdr Serala summarised. “We know this station is plummeting to the planet below it and unless we can stop it, everyone aboard, not to mention millions on the planet, will be killed.”

The system under the control of House Larokon, Starfleet has no jurisdiction on Paldor II. Its government (under the leadership of High Prefect Arielle Rolus) has reluctantly allowed an away team under the command of Mission Specialist Lt. Cmdr. Raga to provide aid. What started as a mission to set up triage posts quickly morphed into saving lives from collapsed buildings and dealing with an attempted assassination of a government official.

Meanwhile, the bridge crew of Atlantis took steps to slow the decline of the station. By firing several special explosive tanks, the engineering and tactical division of the ship assumed it was possible to reduce the ships mass without destroying it, making it possible to tow the station out of the planets gravitational pull. The plan was not without risk — debris that broke off posed an immediate danger for the station, people on the surface, and Atlantis.

Those injured when debris impacted Atlantis included Dr. Stevok and Cmdr. Williams, but those wounds were nothing compared to those of Assistant Chief Lt. Kiliak — who took a tremendous risk to steer a tank herself using a special spacesuit inside the planet’s outer atmosphere.

Valcarian forces under the command of Cmdr. Calesio have taken over the station, reluctant to accept assistance from Atlantis away teams trying to prevent its destruction. Outside sources believe the Valcarians might have planned the descending of the station to cause a great deal of damage to the Caraadian houses. The situation has led to a cold war between Valcarian soldiers and Starfleet Marines.

It’s up to Serala and Marine Cpt. McKnight along with a marine detachment to find a peaceful solution while the station is falling and breaking up.


Written by Alexander Williams  

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