Undercover Mission Into Pirate Haven Sees Gorkon Challenged

Undercover Mission Into Pirate Haven Sees Gorkon Challenged

NASSAU, MA NO UMI — Three infiltration teams from the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) descended upon the pirate haven asteroid  Nassau, hidden within the perilous territory known as Ma no Umi.

The infamous roaming asteroid, colloquially named Nassau, has long been speculated to be an Orion Syndicate hideout with an unchartable location. In a four-pronged approach, three shuttles have left the safety of the Gorkon and headed down into the heart of the inhabited rock.
Rumours circulate that it is a familiar retreat of Federation Most Wanted pirate mobster Leelou. Tasked with securing the crime lord, an away team from the Gorkon, lead by the Chief Medical Officer Genkos Adea (formerly Sim), has gone undercover to her supposed haunt — a club in the midst of the Entertainment District called Vortex.
A second team is to slip quietly into the Service District, towards the administration centre, where the assumed headquarters of the Orion Syndicate for the base operates from. The team is lead by the Gorkon’s own Chief of Intelligence, Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan, owing to the nature of the mission at hand. Details from this local have been unforthcoming and the precise location and operation of the small team are commissioned with are unclear at this time.
Sources from the notable Sovereign-class starship have confirmed that a third team has infiltrated the Habitation District further into the heart of the asteroid, lead by Lieutenant Commander Jocelyn Marshall (related to Orson Marshall, noted deserter and associate of Valesha Sienelis reported in recent news), with mission parameters pertaining to the extraction of a prominent individual. No information is provided as to who this could be, however, speculations are that the person is of special interest to Starfleet.
“There’s a lot that could go wrong, sure,” explained Petty Officer Roshier Jackson, a pilot for one of the teams, chewing around on a marshmallow. “But they’re seasoned at this now. Who doesn’t like to go to a nightclub where half the population could have you eating gagh off the deck by batting their eyelids? It’s all part of the fun.”
Meanwhile, remaining on board the Gorkon, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and Lieutenant Tasha MacFarlane combat reduced sensor readings and severely obstructed communications, with contact to anyone externally outside of the Kamarov Corridor — a long and winding location of Ma no Umi famous for raging plasma storms on either side — unlikely.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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