Technological triumph engineered to host a party on USS Gorkon outer hull

Technological triumph engineered to host a party on USS Gorkon outer hull

YARISTIA, PALANON — Following a stressful trip from Trill to the Tyrellian Sector, the USS Gorkon celebrated in outstanding fashion with a formal ceremony of extraordinary proportions.

Breaking from the routine of continuing missions, the senior staff partook in the revelry of incredible engineering magnitude, celebrating with a party on the outer hull of the starship. Beneath a dome of protective shielding and manufactured atmosphere, the crew experienced a refreshing evening under the cosmos, witnessing an uninhibited view of stars and space seldom seen.
Recovering from a spleen injury sustained during the recent hijacking of the ship, Lieutenant Caedan Nkai was seen to be in good health while coordinating the event. Taking the unique opportunity, officers donned a mixture of black tie and formal wear, encompassing a diversity of designs from across the galaxy, and a medley of bright colours to compliment the celestial moon of Palanon.
The resident proprietor of the Gorkon’s crew lounge Sto’Vo’Kor, Mek, provided bar service and included an assorted mixture of cocktails and liquor. Among the formulated liquids served, Aenar Frost Tea appeared a firm favourite among the medical staff, while Betazoid mixers and human brandy made an impression. Rumours circulated of a blended beverage of Denobulan Cider and Andorian Ale.
“maj! MacFarlane has done our starship proud once more!” Approached for comment, Mek had nothing but glowing words in admiration for the incredible venture. “Look at that sky! Kahless would be pleased to have seen such magnificence! Shakespeare in the original Klingon could not compare!”
An engaging fusion of piano music and accompanying instruments enticed Officers to the dance floor, spurring suggestions of romance. Spotted enjoying the magical night were the recently engaged Rear Admiral Quin Reynolds and Captain Walter Brunsig (of the USS Triumphant, NCC-75692).
Yet, the celebration served as a solemn reminder of the recent hijacking attempt of the Gorkon by the warranted Trill criminal known as Lladre. In recognition of the harrowing efforts, while under the influence of the dream world, Reynolds awarded the Prisoner of War Ribbon to all crew.
Lieutenant Nkai received The Purple Heart and the Good Conduct Ribbon, for injuries sustained in the line of duty and for carrying on in the face of adversity to wake the crew at great personal risk to himself.
Receiving the Lifesaving Ribbon for their actions in locating and saving the life of the Trill symbiont known as Kian were Lieutenant Commander Jocelyn Marshall and Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Groznin Smith. Awarded in absentia, Lieutenant Yiggtissi received The Innovation Ribbon for his valued efforts in securing a release of the crew from the dream state.
In recognition for their continued endeavours, Ensigns Samira Neathler and Emilia Krugol received a promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade). Neathler also moved into the role of Assistant Chief of Security & Tactical. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Genkos Sim, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, rose to the rank of full Lieutenant and transferred to the post of Chief Medical Officer.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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